Amazon VTR changes and release timeline

What is changing?

Starting April 2021, Amazon makes Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) performance metric requirements mandatory. Which means that Amazon will start validating tracking IDs based on the carrier selected when merchants confirm shipments.  

How does it work now? 

Currently, Brightpearl takes the "shipping method" value from the GON and presents it to Amazon as “Carrier”.  Read more about how shipping updates are sent to Amazon today here

With this change, Amazon will require the carrier name and carrier code sent from Brightpearl to be an exact match to one in their list, rather than being freely named.

What’s the solution?

For this reason, we added an ability to set up a carrier for your shipping method in Brightpearl to provide you with greater flexibility. We added a new ‘Carrier’ field to the “Add shipping method” and “Edit shipping method” entities. 



What action do I need to take now?

You will need to go to your shipping methods and add carrier to all shipping methods you use for shipping Amazon orders. After you've done this, we will enable the feature that reads Carrier name and sends it to Amazon with the fulfillment update.

To set up carrier name please go to Brightpearl Settings > Shipping methods > Select a shipping method you use for Amazon fulfillment > Edit the shipping method > Enter carrier name under "Carrier" field (see the screen shot above). 


What happens if I do not add a carrier to a shipping method and you enable the feature? 


When you ship an order, this is how shipment update will look like in Seller Central: 


Please note: Amazon can start rejecting shipments without carrier name and carrier code. We recommend to to set up carriers as soon as you can. 

What happens if I add a carrier name and keep shipping method unchanged? 


This is how the order shipment will look like in Seller Central: 



What if I add a carrier and amend the shipping method name? 


This is how the order shipment will look like in Seller Central: 


What if I add a carrier and make a mistake in carrier name? 


This is how the order shipment will look like in Seller Central: 



What is VTR?

Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) - measures how often you use valid tracking numbers on your orders. Amazon customers depend on tracking numbers to find out where their orders are and when they can expect to receive them. The Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) is a performance metric that reflects those expectations. 

When will this change take effect?

  • This change applies to the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain marketplaces starting April 19th, 2021.
  • This change applies to the US, Canada and Mexico marketplaces starting May 3rd, 2021.

What is the requirement? 

Sellers must maintain a VTR greater than or equal to 95%. A VTR below 95% in a product category can result in restrictions on your ability to sell non-FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) items within that category. 

What happens if sellers do not reach 95% VTR? 

In case sellers do not provide 95% VTR as required by the policy, all non-Prime Merchant Fulfilled Network offers in the impacted category will be suspended.

Does VTR apply to FBA orders?

No, VTR only applies to seller-fulfilled orders

Are there any limitations on carrier or shipping method names?

Yes, these must be limited to 50 characters or fewer.

What carriers are supported by Amazon? 

See the list here.

  • AAA Cooper
  • ABF Freight
  • Asendia
  • Best Buy
  • DHL
  • Estes US
  • FedEx
  • FedEx Freight
  • XPO Freight
  • First Flight Couriers
  • OnTrac
  • Pilot freight US
  • Professional Couriers
  • RL Carriers
  • South Eastern Freight
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • USPS Freight
  • Watkins & Shepard US
  • YRC

The following integrated carriers can be used for fulfilling orders that are shipped from China:

  • 4PX
  • China Post
  • Chokou1
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • DHL Commerce
  • JCEX
  • SFC
  • SF Express
  • UPS
  • Yanwen
  • Yun Express
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