Brightpearl Release Notes - October 2018

Welcome to the October release notes!

The holiday season is fast approaching and Brightpearl has your back. We've added the ability to create offers for use in POS, correct handling of the accounting for the sale of gift cards, an improved channels menu for your ever expanding channels list and a new filter on the sales detail report for drop-shipped items.

You'll find everything you need to know below. Enjoy!

POS | Promotions and discount codes

Officially released by Apple on Monday 29th October. You are now able to create offers for use in POS. This allows discounts and promotions to be created and automatically applied to sales when the conditions are met. For example, buy 2 and get $5 off.


Learn more about POS discount codes and promotions

Accounting | Gift cards/vouchers

It is now possible to create products with the "gift cards" account code. Choose your "gift cards" current liability code at Settings > Company > Accounting: Account codes (nominal codes) and then create your SKUs with this code as the sales code. When these items are sold, either by manually adding to a sales order or via an online channel, the gift card will automatically be accounted for correctly. Learn more about the sale and redemption of gift cards/vouchers

Reporting | Drop-ship filter on the sales detail report

Use this filter to view only or exclude any sold items which were fulfilled via a drop-ship purchase order. If you're using the deferred cost of goods sold option to recognize revenues and costs in the same period, this new filter will make it easier to reconcile your deferred cost of goods sold account code. Learn more about deferred COGS or learn more about reconciling deferred COGS account code

Scrolling channel menu

The channel menu now has a scroll bar which means if you have lots of channels you can now reach the ones at the bottom of the list without needing to navigate to a separate screen.



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