Developing an app

To connect an app to Brightpearl you will need to first register as a developer.

Once you have been approved as a developer you will have access to the Brightpearl Developer website and be able to connect apps to one or more Brightpearl accounts.

In order to list an app on the app store you will need to register with us as a partner and have your app approved and published.

How to add an app in the developer portal

  1. Log into your developer account at
  2. Click the Add app button.

    add new public app

  3. Complete the form with the details of your app.
  4. Choose Instance app (the others will be deprecated soon).


  5. Select Client type - this is the oauth client type. Select confidential if your app is hosted/served on a private server. Select public if your app is run on a device, e.g. mobile phone app.
  6. Choose whether you will use staff identities. If enabled, changes the app makes to the account will be done using the identify of the user that authorizes the app.
  7. Select the payment type. If you are building a private app for internal use then select Included with Brightpearl, although it doesn't really matter because your app will never be seen in the app store. If you want your app to be in the app store then this will let customers know how to purchase your app.
  8. Specify whether your app is restricted to certain countries. Learn more about country restrictions
  9. Upload the app logo - this will be displayed in the App Store.
  10. Enter your URLs. If this is a private app for internal use then you only need to enter a redirect URL.


    If you're developing an app for the app store then these URLs become the links on your app tile in the in the App Store and enable customers to get the help they need.

  11. Save the app.
  12. Once the app is saved you will see the menu and status box on the right-hand side where you are able to specify which Brightpearl accounts can use the app whilst in development.

    app status

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