Amazon shipping updates: mandatory input of carrier and shipping method

In the beginning of February, 2021, Amazon will make the following fields mandatory when marking orders as shipped in Seller Central:
- carrier 
- shipping method
- tracking ID

If the above fields are not present, you will not be able to confirm the shipment of an order, and Amazon will cancel the order automatically.

Please read more about the change here. 

How did Brightpearl send fulfillment updated before this mandatory change?
Before the change, Brightpearl only sent “Carrier” and “Tracking ID” to Amazon, but didn’t include the “Shipping method”.

But Brightpearl doesn’t have a concept of a carrier? How could you send a carrier before?
Previously, Brightpearl would take the "shipping method" value from the GON and present it to Amazon as “Carrier”.
Since the shipping method on the GON can be different for all Amazon merchants, the carrier in Amazon would be displayed as:
Carrier Other: [shipping method taken from Brightpearl GON] 

GON in Brightpearl:



Shipment info in Seller Central before the change: 


Amazon buyer shipment confirmation: 



What change is Brightpearl making?
We are now required to send all 3 parameters to Amazon (carrier, shipping method, and tracking reference).
The main requirement is that these parameters cannot be empty.
Amazon offers “Other” carrier value for situations when you use your own shipping method, or the carrier is not supported, or 3rd party doesn’t have a concept of carrier. 

Brightpearl will be making sure that all 3 parameters are sent to Amazon to make ensure that the shipment is accepted. 
Now both carrier and shipping method will have the same value which Brightpearl will take from the GON.

This is how the order shipment confirmation will look like in Seller Central after the change: 



Will Amazon reject the shipment if Brightpearl doesn’t have a concept of a carrier?
No, Amazon will not reject the shipment, it will display Carrier as “Other” and accept the shipment.  


What if we use “FedEx Pak 2-Day” as a shipping method, how would it be interpreted?
Brightpearl will not try to identify FedEx as a carrier, because some customers use their own custom methods, and this approach may lead to errors.
Instead, Brightpearl will send “FedEx Pak 2-Day” as a "carrier" AND "shipping method" values.
In Seller central the carrier will look like this: Carrier: Other: FedEx Pak 2-Day
Shipping method: FedEx Pak 2-Day 


What if we use “Std US D2D Dom” as a shipping method (this shipping method is automatically generated by Amazon when a buyer places an order?
Brightpearl will send “Std US D2D Dom” as a carrier AND shipping method values.
In Seller central the carrier will look like this: Carrier: Other: Std US D2D Dom
Shipping method: Std US D2D Dom

(see screenshots above)


Do I need to change the way I produce shipping methods?
Some merchants use different 3rd party apps to mark orders as shipped in Brightpearl, some mark orders as shipped manually in Brightpearl and may use custom shipping methods.
Please make sure that the GON always has a Tracking ID and a Shipping method. 


What if the shipping method on the GON is empty?
If the shipping method is empty, Brightpearl will get the first available shipping method from Brightpearl shipping method settings. In other words, Brightpearl will always find a value in Brightpearl shipping method settings to send to Amazon, so Amazon will not reject the shipment because of empty carrier or shipping method values. Read more here.


I use ShipStation, does ShipStation send carrier names to Brightpearl? How can Brightpearl ensure it sends right carrier names to Amazon?

To make sure the shipping method on the GON updates when you fulfill the order via ShipStation, please make sure you create a shipping method in Brightpearl. This shipping method needs to match ShipStation shipping method word-for-word. Usually, it follows this format: “[Carrier][space][“Carrier - Service Selected” value from ShipStation]”. For example, "USPS USPS Priority Mail". 

Brightpearl will use the “shipping method” value from the GON and present it to Amazon as both carrier AND shipping method.
Brightpearl doesn’t have a concept of a carrier, that’s why we are using the shipping method.
Amazon will receive and accept the shipping update and will mark the carrier as “Other” in Seller Central. 


When will Brightpealr make the change?
The change is already live for all Amazon users. 

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