Brightpearl Release Notes - September 2018

Welcome to the September release notes!

Well summer may be officially over, but with this new batch of features across the platform there's still plenty to smile about. Amazon sellers can now hide their inactive channels, POS users have greater flexibility on what products are available across their stores by categories, Shopify now has multi-location inventory PLUS the inventory detail report now has more reporting criteria than ever before.

Everything you need to find out more can be found below. Enjoy!

Amazon | Hide inactive channels

It's now possible to tidy up your Channel menu by hiding inactive Amazon channels. To hide an Amazon channel go to Settings > Brightpearl apps > Amazon, edit your Amazon marketplace and uncheck the "Show in channel menu" box.

Choosing to hide an Amazon channel will only remove it from the main channel menu, it won't deactivate the channel. The channel will continue to show in report filters so that any existing data using that channel can still be searched for and reported on.


POS | Add products to stores by category

Brightpearl already allows you to manage numerous product ranges under one or more business names. This means that some products will be sold in one POS store but not in another. Now you can choose which products will be added to each of your POS stores by selecting the relevant product categories. You can find this new control in Brightpearl at Settings > Brightpearl POS > Store settings. Next edit the POS store and choose the relevant categories under Active Products.


Shopify | Support for multi-location inventory

Shopify has begun rolling out their new multi-location inventory feature and the great news is Brightpearl’s connector fully supports the multi-location. You are now able to map Brightpearl warehouses to Shopify locations for inventory, fulfillment and allocation. This means that you can assign allocation warehouses in Brightpearl based on where an item is truly located.

You will need to map your Shopify locations to Brightpearl warehouses within the Brightpearl Shopify app inventory settings.


If you do not have multi-location switched on in your Shopify account, contact your account rep at Shopify.

Enhanced inventory detail report

We know that when it comes to reporting, adding greater flexibility will always be well received. So we've added the ability to sort on more columns of the inventory detail report. You can now also sort by:

  • Price
  • Date received
  • Total
  • PO reference
  • Product ID


We’re excited to bring these features to you and would really value your feedback on them on the Brightpearl Community. Tell us what you think!

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