Order balance credit limits

Order balance credit limits prevents making more sales to a customer who has already placed orders to a value matching or exceeding their assigned credit limit. Depending on configuration, quotes or pending orders can still be taken or the restrictions can be overridden.

Orders balance credit limits uses order and order payment information to control credit. This means credit limits can be applied even when Brightpearl accounting is not being used. If a financially based credit control system is preferred this can be chosen in Brightpearl settings. Learn more about accounts balance credit limits

Configuring order balance credit control

To use order balance credit limits, select "Orders balance" at Settings > Company > Accounting: options


Allow credit limits to be overridden?

If credit limits are configured to allow balance overrides the option will be provided in the limit warning message on the order.


When a credit limit is overridden a note will be added to the order to record the user who carried out the override.


If credit limits are configured to not allow the override then the order cannot be saved with the new changes which cause the limit to be exceeded.

Allow quotes or pending orders to be placed

To allow drafts, quotes or pending orders to be taken for customers who have reached their credit limit ensure those sales order statuses are excluded from the order balance calculation. Those statuses will also need to be filtered out of any sales processes which may cause them to be shipped.


Order balance credit limits on orders

When building a new order, a warning will appear as soon as the order reaches the credit limit. To allow flexibility, order balance credit limits can be configured to allow quotes or pending orders to be placed, and/or to allow users to override the credit limit and approve the sale if required.

Grid entry of variants

If product variants have been set to display in grid format the credit limit will only be checked once the rows have been added to the order.

Updating order statuses - batch or automated updates

Order balance credit limits will only be validated from within the order. If an order is created on a status excluded from the calculation and is later moved to a status which is included using batch processing or automation, the order will by-pass the credit limit validation.

Viewing a customer order balance

The customer's order balance can be seen in the accounting information box/tab along with the financial account balance. It will show the balance in the customer's account currency. Any orders of different currencies are excluded from the balance, they are not converted.

The orders balance considers only orders with no channel or a miscellaneous type channels. This means that any orders downloaded from a marketplace or website would not be included and sit outside of the credit limit.



Credit limits will only be applied in the customer currency. Any orders associated with the customer which are in currency different from their account currency will not be counted when calculating their order balance. A warning will be displayed if their are any orders of different currencies.

Any open orders and their currencies can be reviewed in the contact orders tab:




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