Verify location on put away

You might want to make it mandatory for a warehouse operative to verify the put away location for inventory when putting it away.

Doing so helps to ensure items are being put away into the right locations and will therefore help to maintain accurate inventory records.

To activate the feature, head to Settings > Deliveries and toggle "Verify location on put-away" to On.

Warehouse operatives will then be prompted to confirm the location they put inventory away to in the "Put away" and "Receive and put away" screens in the deliveries module.

Each time an operative starts to change the quantity against a different line on the delivery (either by scanning the product or clicking on screen), the a popup will ask them to either scan or type the location of inventory.


If you want to go a step further, you can prevent the typing of locations by deselecting "Allow typing of locations" against the setting.

This will force operatives to scan the location barcode rather than type the location name, meaning that there's even less margin for human error.


Keep in mind that if there’s an issue with the location barcode or with the scanner, the operative will have to park the delivery to address the issue.

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