Reauthorising Your Expired eBay Token

The token used to communicate between Brightpearl and your eBay channels will expire on some occasions. This can be due to the longevity of the same token being used (they generally last for a year), or due to an update of your eBay credentials.

When this happens, the connection between Brightpearl and eBay will break and you will notice orders will stop downloading.

There will also be a channel alert present letting you know the token has expired:


When this happens you’ll need to reauthorise the token from your Channel settings in Brightpearl.

How to Reauthorise Your Token

To do this, in Brightpearl, head to 'Settings' > 'Brightpearl Apps' > 'eBay'.

Here you'll see your eBay stores listed.

If you select the pencil icon to edit a store it will open a pop-up dialogue:


Scroll to the bottom of this popup and click on the grey 'Authorise with eBay' button:


You'll be redirected to eBay to enter your login credentials and the connection between Brightpearl and your eBay channel should be restored.

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