Brightpearl Release Notes - August 2018

Welcome to the August Release Notes!

Tax never seems to become less complicated, only more so - which is why this month our US customers who sell on Amazon will be pleased to learn that this month we're introducing a new feature for recording withheld tax for these orders. It doesn't stop there either - the Automation app enjoys new flexibility with is/is not conditions, BigCommerce has greater support for payment gateways, PLUS invoicing and purchasing is more versatile than ever before.

All the details you need are below. Enjoy!

Amazon | Handling of withheld tax

Amazon provide a Marketplace Tax Collection service in some US States. Those tax amounts paid by Amazon need to be reported but are already paid, reducing the outstanding tax liability.

The amount withheld by Amazon is indicated on the settlement report used for marking the Brightpearl orders as paid. Once configured, when a withheld tax amount is seen on the payment download, an additional order payment will be created in Brightpearl. This ensures that the order is marked as fully paid and will record the reduction in tax liability so that it can be subtracted from tax reporting.

This feature must be correctly configured to ensure that accounting for tax is correct.

Read more about configuring Amazon withheld tax in Brightpearl

Automation | Conditions - to be, or NOT to be!

Up until now, you could choose the conditions that must be met before the actions you’ve set are applied, but now you can specify conditions that must NOT be met for us to apply actions. For example, before if you wanted to create a rule for all international shipments, you’d use the ‘Delivery country’ condition and select all the countries except your own. Now you can simply say, for example, ‘Delivery country’ is not 'United States'. This will simplify creating rules as well as enabling lots of scenarios that were not possible before.


BigCommerce | Support for PayPal and Amazon Pay

To help support a wider range of payment methods, the Brightpearl BigCommerce app will first attempt to download a payment transaction, but if no payment is found, it will check the order for a payment method and use that information to create a payment in Brightpearl instead.

The benefit of the payment download is that more payment gateway information can be captured in Brightpearl, but looking back to the order means Brightpearl orders will always be marked as paid where payment was taken, no matter what the payment method.

Set PO delivery dates using lead times

This month we have opened up some simple control over how the delivery date is set on purchase orders. Up until now, the date defaulted to seven days in the future but with this months changes will allow you set your own default at Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings.


A supplier/vendor lead time can now also be set so that any purchase orders created for that person will automatically calculate the delivery date.


Read more about lead times and delivery date in our support documentation

Greater control of invoice email addresses

You will now be able to control which email addresses are used on orders. With the new settings you can choose how to set the default email address (selected as default when emailing on the order) and the invoice email address, used when invoices are automatically emailed. You will find the new settings at Settings > Sales > Sales settings.


The changes apply to orders created within Brightpearl and will not affect the API. To learn more and see examples of which email address is used in different scenarios visit the support documentation.

Un-invoicing purchase orders

Un-invoicing sales has been possible for a while, but this month we have expanded un-invoicing to include purchases as well as providing some tighter controls.

Un-invoicing can be completely switched off in Settings > Company > Accounting: Options. When active, users will need the relevant permissions to be able to un-invoice sales or purchases.

Read more about un-invoicing in the support documentation


We’re excited to bring these features to you and would really value your feedback on them on the Brightpearl Community. Tell us what you think!

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