Brightpearl Release Notes - 2020 #3


It's official - we're in the lead-up to the holiday weekend next month and so we've been pulling out all the stops to make sure that you've got a fresh set of tools to make your holiday season the most successful and efficient one yet.

Whether it's the forthcoming event-based changes to Brightpearl Automation, vendor alerts in Demand Planner, four (yes - count them - four!) new features for Brightpearl POS, or an improved API function, regardless if you're selling in-store, online, or both, there should be something for everyone.



Brightpearl Automation | Event-driven Automation (beta)

This feature is still being beta-tested, but we want to give you plenty of notice of the upcoming change. We are introducing a new event-driven logic to the rules engine such that sales orders will be checked by Automation when triggered by events that occur in Brightpearl.

The observed events currently include order and order row level events; sales order created & sales order modified and inventory-related events; goods-in received & quarantine release. Read more about event-driven Automation now to prepare for the upcoming release.


Brightpearl Demand Planner | Vendor alerts

If your suppliers/vendors have a minimum purchase budget or a minimum purchase quantity, you may want to enable vendor alerts to receive a notification when the replenishment suggestion is approaching the min budget or quantity. We've added the setting at Settings > Forecast to enable this option.


Not using Demand Planner yet? Find out more here:


Brightpearl POS | Creating a customer record anytime

POS 1.4.8

Instead of having to complete a transaction in order to add a new customer record to Brightpearl, you now can add a customer anytime by visiting "Add customer profile" > + > enter customer details > "Save".


Once you are ready with the information and hit "Save", the customer's record is automatically created in Brightpearl. 




Brightpearl POS | Creating a customer record with a tax code and looking up the customer's tax code

POS 1.4.8

While creating a new customer in POS, you now can specify their tax code.


When their record is created in Brightpearl, their tax code will be part of the financial information stored in their profile.


That same information is also available in POS once a customer is added to a transaction.

Brightpearl POS | Applying a customer's tax code

POS 1.4.8

When you add a customer to the basket, their tax code is automatically applied to the items in the basket.tax1.png


Find out more about applying a customer's tax code


Brightpearl POS | Configuring the main screen with pinned category tiles

POS 1.4.8

You can configure your main POS screen to have pinned tiles of categories that you would like quick and easy access to. 


Not using our POS yet? Find out more here:


API | Order updated date now more reliable

Sales and purchase orders have a last updated date which is returned in Order GETs and Sales Order GETs as the 'updatedOn' date. We've added a few additional operations that will update this field with the current timestamp to ensure the field is reliable. Actions such as updating the order's status via the API or amending an order row will now update the updatedOn date.

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