Configuring low stock alerts

A low stock alert is created when a variant needs to be reordered, based on its forecasted demand and current inventory levels (items in stock and on order).

The alert is sent on the replenish date, i.e. the date to replenish a variant so that it covers the “lead time” and “days of stock” period.

Low inventory alerts can be set for your whole business or can be customized at the SKU level. The frequency of alerts and what information you receive is also configurable.

To set an alert for all products in your store at once, click on Account > Settings > Forecast and scroll down to see the Alerts settings.

mceclip0.pngYou can enter multiple email address to ensure everyone in your company that needs to be alerted receives this information, and you can choose when the alerts are sent.

Low stock alerts


'Delta alerts' will send you emails when additional products trigger low stock alerts. You can also choose to 'exclude variants with negative stock' to ignore SKUs with backorders.

Vendor alerts

If your vendors have a minimum purchase budget or a minimum purchase quantity, you may want to enable vendor alerts to receive a notification when the replenishment suggestion is approaching the min budget or quantity.


Alerts by warehouse

If you would like to receive alerts for some warehouses but not others, go to Account > Settings > Connections & Warehouses and click the cog icon mceclip3.png next to the relevant warehouse. Enable or disable alerts for that warehouse using the 'Low Stock Alerts Enabled' toggle at the bottom of the screen.


Alerts for variants

Set alerts for variants in bulk

If you'd like to set one level of alert for some but not all variants, you can do this in bulk. This can apply to product categories, all products from one vendor or a group of variants:

  1. Go to Catalog > Warehouses
  2. Ensure the 'Custom alert' and 'Enable alert' columns are displayed
  3. Check "Custom Alert" to override the default alert settings
  4. Enable or disable alerts
  5. Select 'Save Changes'


Bulk actions can also be used to set low stock alerts:

  1. Go to the Replenishment report
  2. Select the desired variants
  3. Select Bulk Actions > Set Low Stock Alert
  4. You can then customize alert settings.


Set alerts for individual variants

You can also set an alert one SKU at a time:

  1. In the Replenishment report, click on the Details icon
  2. Select Warehouses
  3. Select 'Custom Alert' to override the default alert settings
  4. Enable or disable alerts
  5. Select 'Save'


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