Brightpearl Release Notes - 2020 #2


Whether it's the new FBA functionality to hit our Amazon connector, support for Managed Payments in our eBay connector, or additional reporting options and support for bundles with Brightpearl Demand Planner, there's lots to get excited about in our new Release Notes. Plus a whole trifecta of new features to hit the core platform!


Amazon | Amazon FBA inventory reconciliation 

When merchants decide to sell on Amazon and fulfill orders via FBA fulfillment network, they lose control over inventory levels. Amazon’s FBA inventory reconciliation can be confusing. And it is a task many sellers prefer to avoid. It’s extremely time-consuming, and mistakes in data entry can make reconciliation a very frustrating task. 

To mitigate the above frustrations, Brightpearl has came up with a feature that will provide:

  • One-screen visibility into what FBA quantities are registered in Amazon and Brightpearl FBA warehouse
  • Insight into the Amazon FBA total quantity: breakdown into Fulfillable(available), Reserved, Unsellable, and Inbound
  • Ability to easily reconcile inventory between Amazon FBA pool and Brightpearl FBA warehouse (in batches of 500 listings).

The main purpose of this feature is to provide you with the tool to reconcile your inventory between "what you think you have in FBA fulfillment center" and "what Amazon says you have". Read more here. 

Amazon | Amazon MCF app

A couple of years ago Amazon opened up the ability for merchants to use the FBA service to take care of sales made through other channels (different from Amazon). This service is called Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). The MCF App that Brightpearl created automatically syncs goods out notes from selected channels to Amazon for fulfillment, and receives fulfillment updates back. Read more here

eBay | eBay Managed Payments 

Previously eBay only accepted PayPal payments and Brightpearl was only able to capture PayPay transactions. But last year eBay announced that they will release eBay managed payments program and migrate all merchants over to this program by the end of 2020. Read more here.

eBay is taking over payment processing, which means when a buyer makes a purchase, they will pay eBay instead of the seller, and then eBay will disburse funds to sellers. Brightpearl is now ready to accept eBay managed payments. When an order payment downloads, the order will get marked as paid in Brightpearl. 

To learn more about this feature check out this article

Brightpearl Demand Planner | Include/exclude order statuses in the forecast

You can now customize which orders statuses are considered in the forecast. This allows you to exclude statuses like 'On hold' or 'Potential fraud' so that these unconfirmed orders don't affect your replenishment suggestions. You can configure this new setting at Account > Settings > Connection Settings. Note that cancelled orders will always be ignored by the forecast.


Brightpearl Demand Planner | Produced bundles and assembly orders

Demand Planner now enables you to define produced bundles, i.e. products that are assembled prior to being added to stock/being made available for sale, and to create assembly orders based on the demand for the produced products. Once assembled, it's possible to post inventory adjustments to the back office in order to increase the availability of the finished item and to remove the consumed components.

You can read more about defining produced bundles here and about creating and completing assembly orders here.

Accounting | HMRC fraud prevention headers

If you're a UK merchant and submit VAT returns via our Making Tax Digital app, then we've added some extra security to your submissions. HMRC monitors transactions to protect taxpayers from data infringement by third parties; Brightpearl helps them to protect your confidential data by sending additional user audit data in our API calls. Read more about how HMRC uses and protects this data on HMRC's website here.

Sales | Shipping events now managed by Taskbot

Taskbot is a processing bot that handles various batch actions in Brightpearl to improve performance and to allow for larger batches to be processed in one go. It's already used when batch allocating and fulfilling sales orders, and now it's used for batch shipping too!

In the Goods-out note list, selecting multiple orders and choosing 'ship' will trigger this event. A green message will let you know that an event is being processed by Taskbot and you can follow the link to check its status. Once the process is complete, remember to refresh the page so that you're viewing up-to-date info.


Products and Inventory | MPN field length increased

The MPN field on a product record, i.e. the manufacturer's part number, was previously limited to a maximum of 14 characters. Knowing that many of you have suppliers with much longer part numbers, we've now increased the max. length to allow up to 100 characters.

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