OLAP | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which reports are included in the OLAP project?

The first phase of the OLAP project includes the following reports:

  • Recent Sales
  • All Credits
  • General Ledger
  • Low Inventory report.

Is there a Beta program running and what does it include?

Yes, you have the option to be part of the Beta testing for OLAP reports. So far the beta testers have access to the following reports:

  • Recent Sales
  • All Credits
  • General Ledger
  • Low Inventory report.

The above reports included in the beta testing program can be tested on the total functionality:

  • data accuracy
  • loading times
  • filtering correctness and speed
  • exporting capability, correctness and speed
  • batch actions
  • report actions
  • configurable columns
  • presets.

How can I join the Beta testing program?

You can contact our Support team or your Technical Account Manager. Please provide an email address to be notified when ready to start testing.

What will change when the OLAP reports are released as GA (Generally Available)?

Your existing links to those reports will automatically redirect you to the upgraded reports. Those new reports will have the overall same look and feel as the previous ones but are intended to be faster and offer you a wide range of upgrades in terms of scalability and features (you can check OLAP | Why upgrade and what's new for details).

Are presets migrated from the existing reports to the OLAP reports?

All your existing presets (saved in the existing reports) will be automatically available in the OLAP reports. There, you will be able to edit and save them as well as create new ones.

Will the in-app favourites work with OLAP reports?

The in-app favourites are not supported as part of the OLAP architecture (currently accessible via the “Add to Favourites” option at the bottom left of the screen). All existing reports' presets are automatically available in the new reports and there you can update them and create new ones. Additionally, you can always bookmark/make a favourite page along with filters and sorting via your web browser.

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