Amazon MCF app

IMPORTANT: Do not use Amazon MCF for fulfillment of Amazon merchant-fulfilled orders, in other words, do not add Amazon channel to the MCF qualification rules. 

If you sell on Amazon and do both FBA and FBM, please make sure that you do not set warehouse for FBA orders in the MCF app - that could lead to FBA orders being sent to Amazon MCF and fulfilled twice. 


A couple of years ago Amazon opened up the ability for merchants to use the FBA service to take care of sales made through other channels (different from Amazon). This service is called Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). The MCF App that Brightpearl created automatically syncs goods out notes from selected channels to Amazon for fulfillment, and receives fulfillment updates back. 

The value that you receive: 

  • Order/fulfillment speed: by automating this process, you won’t have to worry about spending too much time manually completing this process and potentially missing delivery windows
  • Greater customer satisfaction/experience: fulfilling orders faster and within the promised delivery windows means customers receive their goods faster, helping to increase their overall satisfaction
  • Data continuity: provide customers with order information like when it’s been shipped and tracking information 

How to set up the MCF app

To install the app, go to your Brightpearl account > App Store > search for the MCF app > click “Turn on” > Approve access.

You will be brought to a new screen where you can set up and configure the application according to your needs. 

Settings tab


MCF app status will show if the app is authenticated with Amazon services. You will later authenticate the app under the “Warehouses” tab. Once you do it AND set the "Default shipping category" under the "Shipping" tab, the MCF app status will change to “Active”.

Resync Brightpearl system data: Use this button when you add new warehouses, order statuses, product custom fields, shipping methods, and sales channels in Brightpearl. Click “Resync data” > refresh the page > search for the value in the dropdown menu. Please note that sometime it could take up to 15 minutes to synchronize the data between Brightpearl and the MCF app. 

Go live date: Select a Go Live date for the app to start processing GON and creating fulfillment orders to Amazon. You can only set up the Go Live date in the future and won't be able to move it to any date in the past once you have set it up. 

Define seller SKU (required): Each Amazon listing has Amazon seller SKU. When creating a fulfillment order for Amazon, it is required to provide Amazon seller SKU. If your Brightpearl SKU corresponds to Amazon SKU, then you can simply select “SKU”. However if your Brightpearl SKU is different from Amazon SKU, you will need to either use one of the available product record fields (UPC, EAN, MPN, etc) or create a product customer field to store Amazon SKU. 

Error status (recommended): We recommend setting up an error status for the situations when fulfillment orders can’t be created in Amazon/ rejected by Amazon. In this case, the integration will update the order status to the “error status” of your choice. That, in turn, will notify you that a particular order requires attention.
Ready status (optional): You can also define order “ready” status. The MCF app will only process orders if they are moved to the status that you select. Otherwise, all orders for a selected channel, selected allocation warehouse will be pushed to Amazon. 




Amazon offers multiple shipping speed categories: Standard, Expedited, Priority. Note: Shipping method service level agreements vary by marketplace. See the Amazon Seller Central website in your marketplace for shipping method service level agreements and fulfillment fees. 

According to Amazon: 

  • Standard shipping (3–5 business days);
  • Expedited shipping (2 days);
  • Priority shipping (next day).

You can select a Default shipping category for the situations when the shipping method is not mapped to a shipping category. Or you can map some or all Brightpearl shipping methods to shipping categories using the Shipping method mapping. 

Select a shipping method from the dropdown list and decide which shipping category it should be mapped to. When an order is created and it has one of the mapped shipping methods, the MCF app will push the mapped shipping category to Amazon. If the order came down and it doesn’t have any of the mapped shipping methods, the app will use the default shipping category. 

NOTE: Sometimes Amazon will reject orders with Priority shipping speed. You will need to speak with Amazon, or check your terms and conditions to make sure which countries/states Amazon fulfills with Priority shipping speed. 



When you first land on the “Warehouses” tab, you will not have any warehouses set up. You will need to add a warehouse, assign sales channel(s) to it, and authenticate with Amazon seller central account.
The MCF app will later use warehouse and sales channels during the qualification workflow while processing GON. 


To add a warehouse: 

  • Click “Add mapping” > Select a warehouse from the dropdown list. 
  • If you just recently added a new warehouse, but can’t see it on the dropdown list > go to the “Settings” tab > click “Resync data” button > refresh warehouses screen and see if you can now select the warehouse. 
  • Next select the marketplace. Brightpearl currently supports seven marketplaces (USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy). 
    • Enter your “Amazon seller ID” - this can be taken from your Amazon seller central account or if you also use Brightpearl Amazon integration, this data can be found via Channels > Amazon Channel > Settings > Seller ID.
    • Enter Amazon MWS authorization token. This token can be found either in your Brightpearl account if you already use our Brightpearl Amazon integration by going to Brightpearl > Channels > Amazon channel > MWS Authorization token OR if you do not use Brightpearl Amazon integration, you can go to your Seller Central account > Apps & Services > Manage your apps > Authorize new Developer > enter the following credentials:
      • Developer name: Brightpearl
        • Developer account number for European sellers: 8977-7545-2683
        • Developer account number for US sellers: 3260-3202-8765
    • Click continue > then you will see a screen with seller ID and MWS authorization token. Copy both values and enter in Amazon Seller ID and Amazon MWS Authorization Token fields
  • Next, you can select one or multiple sales channels that will help the MCF app to qualify the GON and send it to Amazon for fulfillment. 
  • Save the settings. 

You will then be brought back to the “Warehouses” tab and see the following on your screen: 


  • Warehouse status must be “Registered” in order to successfully process fulfillment orders. 
  • If the status is “Not registered”, you can click the “Register” button and it will kick off the authentication process again. 
  • If it wasn’t successful, please go to “Edit” warehouse and check if you enter valid Amazon credentials. Re-enter credentials and try again.

You can add as many warehouse mappings as you wish by clicking the “Add mapping” button.
IMPORTANT: You can only map one FBA warehouse to one Amazon marketplace. 


GON qualification workflow

In order to “push” the fulfillment order to Amazon via the MCF app, you will first need to create a GON. The MCF app will pick up the GON 15 minutes after it was created. 

The MCF app will first qualify GON before sending to Amazon. 

Key qualification points: 

  • Is the warehouse on the order eligible? The warehouse should be the same as you set up in the MCF app under the “Warehouses” tab
  • Is the sales channel eligible? The sales channel should be one of the sales channel that you mapped to the FBA warehouse under the “warehouses” tab
  • Does the order require order status? If you set a “Ready” status under the “Settings” tab, the application will be checking if the order status is eligible. If you left the tetting blank, the app will proceed without the order “ready” status

If all eligibility criteria are met, the MCF app will submit a request to Amazon to create a fulfillment order. 


Amazon fulfillment order statuses

The lifecycle of each GON is managed using statuses. There are a number of fixed statuses that are used by the MCF app for each GON. 

The following statuses will be available to GONs in the MCF app: 



Originates from




The MCF app has been informed about the GON created, and needs to assess MCF Eligibility/qualify the GON



The GON is being checked for MCF eligibility.



The GON cannot be handled as an MCF order by the MCF app and will be excluded from the GON list in the MCF app.



The GON does not meet the eligibility criteria for an MCF order. It will be ignored by the MCF app, but will still appear in the list for manual processing or reconsideration based on order status.



The GON meets the eligibility criteria for an MCF order. The MCF app needs to create a Fulfilment Order with Amazon.



The MCF app has sent the  create Fulfillment Order request to Amazon  and awaits a response


Amazon MWS

The fulfillment order was received by Amazon MWS and is being validated (inc. checking that the destination address is valid and that Amazon's records indicate sufficient inventory)


Amazon MWS

The Fulfilment Order could not be validated. No items will ship; manual intervention is required


Amazon MWS

The fulfillment order has been sent to Amazon's fulfillment network to begin shipment planning, but picking has not yet begun.


Amazon MWS

Picking has begun.


Amazon MWS

Amazon's Fulfillment Order has been successfully cancelled. The MCF app must now delete the GON from BP.


Amazon MWS

All item quantities in the fulfillment order have been fulfilled.


Amazon MWS

Some item quantities in the fulfillment order were fulfilled; the rest were either cancelled or unfulfillable. Manual intervention is needed.



The GON will  have a  “SHIPPED”status  when the order is marked as shipped in Brightpearl


Amazon MWS

The fulfillment order could not be fulfilled (no inventory or no sellable inventory) was found. The MCF app will  expose it for some manual intervention.


You will see the GON status changing under the “GON List” tab. Shipped GONs will be removed from the GON List tab 48 hours after the order was marked as shipped in Brightpearl. 

GON List


  • GON List tab only displays MCF eligible GONs and their statuses. 
  • You will be able to search for a specific GON ID, order ID, or even customer email and name. 
  • You can also filter the list of GONs by Status, using “Filter by status” dropdown.
  • “Update” button allows you to trigger GON status updates from Amazon. 
  • “Remove invalid” button deletes all GONs with the status “Invalid” from the view. It will not delete GON in Brightpearl. 
  • “Comment from Amazon” column will display any error messages that Amazon sends in their response.

Errors thrown by integration 

Value DeliverySLAUnavailable for parameter  is invalid. Reason: Delivery SLA is not available for destination address.
Why it occurs: This error indicates that Amazon is unable to fulfill the order within a specified shipping SLA for the order destination. In some cases, it could be that the address is not correct.
How to fix: You will need to go back to the order in Brightpearl > update the shipping method to Standard (if applicable) > delete the GON > create the GON again > it will make the MCF app to push the GON to Amazon again. Or you can go to Amazon and manually create a FO 

The SellerSKU for Item Id: xxxxx is invalid OR  The request must contain the parameter Items.SellerSKU.
Why it occurs: It happens when the selected order doesn’t contain a valid Amazon seller SKU or the product in Brightpearl doesn’t have Amazon seller SKU stored in any field.
How to fix: Find a product in Brightpearl > Make sure it has Amazon SKU stored in one of the available fields > go to the MCF app > Settings > check the “Define Seller SKU” setting (update if needed) > go to Brightpearl order > delete the GON > create the GON again.  

Value ItemMissingCatalogData for parameter  is invalid.
Why it occurs: There is not enough inventory available at Amazon to complete the fulfillment request and ship out the selected order/s. 
How to fix: You need to  check on Amazon that the sku is listed on amazon and there is available stock in FBA .

Destination Address Country Code Invalid OR Value PR for parameter DestinationAddress.StateOrProvinceCode is invalid.
Why it occurs: The shipping country on the order does not match the FBA region.
How to fix: If Amazon doesn’t ship to a country set on the order, you will need to fulfill this order yourself (not via Amazon fulfillment network).

Access to FulfillmentOutboundShipment.CreateFulfillmentOrder is denied
Why it occurs: Your MWS credentials are not correct or have expired.
How to fix: In your Amazon Seller Central > Apps & Services > Manage your apps > re-authorize Brightpearl as a developer. Next go to the MCF app and re-enter the credentials if they are different from those that you entered in the fist place. To check if re-authentication worked, on the MCf app > Warehouses screen > Click "Test" button and the response should be "OK".


Cancelling MCF orders

To cancel the MCF order, you will need to go to Amazon seller central > search for the order > and cancel it on Amazon. Then find the order in Brightpearl and delete the GON. Read how to cancel MCF orders in Amazon here

Shipping of the MCF order 

  • When Amazon marks the order as shipped, the MCF app will update the GON status to COMPLETE and will also mark the GON as shipped in Brightpearl. 
  • Order tracking information will be captured within the “Notes and Payment history” tab on the order in Brightpearl. 
  • GON will be updated with the tracking reference only if the order was fulfilled in full. If it was partialled, the first available tracking reference will be captured on the GON in Brightpearl. 


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