Brightpearl Analytics | Sales and discounts

The Sales and Discounts dashboard is designed to provide visualisations and insight into the effect Discounts are having on your orders. Within Brightpearl Analytics, discount is identified through the official ‘Discount’ field on an order row (as opposed to specific order lines).

To access the Sales and Discounts dashboard, log into Brightpearl analytics and select BI Tunnel > Sales and Discounts.

Report parameters

The filters available are:

  • Channel
    A multi-select option where you can select which channels should be considered, Leaving this empty will return ‘all channels’.
  • Order type
    Allows you to choose between sales or purchase orders.
  • Order status
    A multi-select option where you can limit the revenue figures to only consider  orders on the selected statuses (useful if you want to exclude drafts or cancelled orders).
  • Date range
    Allows you to configure a timeframe for the data set presented.


Gross sales
The total value of all sales within the period, with no deductions.

Net sales
The total value of all sales within the period, with tax deducted.

Net profit
Net revenue - cost.

Revenue by channel
Total revenue split by channel.

Discount by channel
Total discounts given split by channel.


Profit vs Discount over time
A monthly visual for Net profit overlaid with total discounts, so you can judge any correlations between discounts given and total profit recognised.


AOV by channel
Average order value by, which is the total revenue / number of orders, per channel. By default this is limited to show 10 channels, if you need to increase this please get in touch.

AOV over time
A monthly view of average order value.

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