Creating a promotion

A promotion can be used to automatically apply discounts when a set of conditions is met, for example, a group of products are added to the basket. This is different from a discount code which is applied by the cashier.

Brightpearl POS discounts and promotions can only be applied within POS.

Promotions list

POS promotions are managed within Brightpearl back office at Settings > Brightpearl POS > Promotions. This is where all promotions created to date are displayed, with filters and ability to export. Promotions can be added, deactivated or archived from the promotion list.


Creating a promotion

When creating a promotion, ensure that you have thoroughly thought through the application of the offer to prevent customers from taking advantage.

Promotions are created in Brightpearl at Settings > Brightpearl POS > Promotions.

Once a promotion is saved it is immediately synced to the stores (assuming they are online).

Promotion settings

Specify a name and code to identify the promotion. Codes must be unique. To generate a unique code click the Generate button.

Promotion active

Use the start and end dates and times to control when the promotion is available. They can be set to automatically activate on a future date/time and to end on a certain date/time, for example 'offer for one day only' or 'offer ends at midnight', or they can be open ended and run until manually deactivated.

Promotion type

Specify what type of offer this promotion represents:

  • Buy X get Y free

    For example, ‘Buy one get one free' or 'BOGOF’. Enter the quantity that will need to be purchased, and then the quantity of the same item that will be received for free. The product is specified in the next section.

  • X for the price of Y

    For example, '3 for 2’. Enter the quantity that must be purchased and then enter the quantity they will pay for.

  • Buy X quantity for a lower price

    For example, ‘3 for $10’. Enter the quantity that must be purchased and the specify the fixed price to pay.

  • Buy X products and get Y items free

    For example, 'get a free gift' when purchasing a luxury product. Specify which product or group of products must be purchased and then specify which products are included as a gift.

  • Spend X and get Y items free

    For example, 'spend 100 and get a free thing'. Enter the amount that must be spent and then which product(s) are received free.

Promotion application

Specify whether the promotion applies to specific products or to all products in a particular category.

Define customers

Specify which customers the offer is open to - all customers, specific customers or groups of customers identified by tags.

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