Bills for expense and

Bills for expense workflow

Bills for expense are created in first, with the connector creating a PO and invoice in Brightpearl once it's approved in Once it's paid in the connector will create the corresponding payment in Brightpearl. The flow diagram below shows the full workflow:


Creating and approving the bill

The vendor's invoice is sent or uploaded to where a bill is created and can then be approved.


Once it's approved, the connector will fetch data from and post a new PO to Brightpearl, which is immediately invoiced. The invoice reference, tax date and amounts will match the bill in Order rows are created as miscellaneous rows, i.e. they're not associated with SKUs in Brightpearl, and their nominal codes are as per the mapping configured in the connector's user interface. 



Once a bill payment is made in, the connector will fetch the payment data and post a payment against the PO in Brightpearl using the payment method mapping set up in the connector's user interface.

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