Brightpearl Release Notes - February 2020



It's the second month in and with six new features across four of our premium products, there's lots to love this month:

  • Advanced fulfilment for Brightpearl Automation
  • Vendor price breaks with Brightpearl Demand Planner
  • Staff login by barcode scanning with Brightpearl POS
  • PLUS three enhancements for Brightpearl WMS' Inventory Transfers module:
    • Reduce transfer quantities to match availability
    • Account for inventory in transit when calculating transfer quantities
    • Ability to filter out products with 0 on hand at source


Brightpearl Automation | Advanced fulfilment

We've added a new action that can be used to create goods-out notes, purchase orders and/or dropship purchase orders against specific order rows. This is the equivalent to using 'Partial/Advanced fulfil' within the sales order screen. Find out more here.

Brightpearl Demand Planner | Vendor price breaks

In Brightpearl it's possible to set price breaks for quantity break discounts. The good news is this is now respected in Demand Planner! When creating a purchase order and adding a variant with breaks in the vendor's price list, the unit price will automatically update depending on the quantity ordered. We also recommend increasing the quantity when a new price tier is available.


Brightpearl POS | Staff login by scanning their barcode

POS 1.4.2

Brightpearl POS now has the extended functionality that allows your staff members to log into the app without searching for their login thumbnail and tapping on it - instead they just scan their barcode and their passcode is ready to be tapped in. 


Brightpearl WMS | Transfers optimization

Last month we released the new Transfers module. This month we’ve added a few small additions and optimizations to make sure your transfers are as seamless as possible.

Reduce transfer quantities to match availability

When you’re configuring transfers, it’s possible to set transfer quantities that exceed the availability at the source - especially when you’re using functions to set quantities. This new feature will reduce the quantities against any red lines at a destination until they’re within the stock levels available.

Account for inventory in transit when calculating transfer quantities

This optional variation on the Meet Minimum Stock Level function lets you take into account any inventory that’s on its way to a destination when calculating the quantity to transfer.

Ability to filter out products with 0 on hand at source

You might not want to add products to a transfer if you currently have none available to ship from the source warehouse. This feature lets you choose whether or not to add products with an On Hand level of 0 to the transfer.

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