Vendor cost prices

Cost prices in Demand Planner are used in purchase orders and analytics. By adding them to your products you enable profits and margins to be calculated in the Inventory KPIs report and the correct prices to be used when generating purchase orders.

Please note: We recommend storing and updating cost prices in Brightpearl's backoffice. This data will be synced with Demand Planner.

View cost prices in Demand Planner

You can view cost prices for products in the Replenishment report and on the Vendor > Variant page. Click the gear icon at the top of the page and ensure that 'Cost price' is selected. 

Tiered pricing

When your supplier offers discounts based on bulk purchasing, you can use tiered pricing to control the price breaks. Go to the Vendors page, select a Vendor then click on Variants. Enable the 'Tier Prices' column using the gear icon on the right side to see price breaks.


The prices should be managed within the Brightpearl backoffice, read more about configuring price breaks here. The prices will then be synced with Demand Planner.


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