Contains SKU condition

This Automation condition is used to identify orders that contain (or do not contain) a particular SKU or set of SKUs. The required SKUs should be provided as a comma-separated list. Please note, this list is limited to 1,900 characters. 


Wildcards are used to match SKUs with a common element. For example, PROD* would match any item with a SKU beginning with 'PROD'. Enter the wildcard at the start, e.g. *PROD, to match items ending in 'PROD' or both at the start and end, e.g. *PROD*, to match items containing 'PROD' anywhere in the SKU.

And/or conditions

  • OR condition

    The 'Contains SKU' condition works as an OR condition by default. Simply enter the list of SKUs as a comma-separated list and orders containing any of the listed SKUs will be actioned. For example, "PROD001,PRODU002,PROD003" will action orders which contain any of those SKUs. The order may also contain other SKUs which are not specified within the condition


  • AND condition

    To apply an AND condition, in other words only action orders which contain all of the specified SKUs, the 'Contains SKU' condition needs to be added multiple times. You must add a new 'Contains SKU' row for each SKU (or list of SKUs) that must be on the order


Require all rows to meet this condition

When the checkbox to 'require all rows to meet this condition' is not selected, the condition requires ANY row on the order to contain the given SKU(s). When it is selected, the condition requires ALL rows on the order to meet the condition. In other words, for the order to contain only the SKUs provided and nothing else.


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