Add a free SKU action

The "Add a free SKU" Automation action allows you to add an item to the sales order as a new order row.

The SKU you add can be either a stock tracked or a non-stock tracked item, but if it's stock tracked it must have an on hand inventory level in the warehouse assigned to the order greater than the number you're trying to add to the order.

The item is always added with a price of zero.

Configuring the "Add a free SKU" action

When configuring a rule containing the "Add a free SKU" action, you will need the product ID of the product you wish to add to the sale.

This ID is visible under the SKU in the product list (Products > List products/services), or in the URL of the product's product record, after "pID=".


Once you've entered a valid product ID, you can then enter the quantity you want to be added to the order.


Using the "Add a free SKU" action

It's important to consider when in an order's life cycle this action is applied.

Because the free SKU will need to be included in the shipment to the customer, it's recommended that the rule adding the SKU runs before the sales order is fulfilled.

This action also cannot be applied to an invoiced order, so ensure it's applied before any invoicing rules.

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