Brightpearl Release Notes - June 2018

Welcome to the June release notes!

This month sees improvements to our eBay and Shopify connectors, and three great new features in Brightpearl WMS. There are two new reporting enhancements in our real-time accounting on the core platform to keep your accountant happy, PLUS more granular permissions so you can have greater control of what your sales and purchasing staff can do on the platform. All that and two new CRM features too!

eBay | Option to delay order download until checkout is complete

We have introduced the option to only download eBay orders once checkout is complete, this happens when a payment is received (including part payments and cash on delivery). This means that Brightpearl will capture only the most up to date information on the order and download the final version of items into a single order. This will help to ensure items for the same customer are shipped together where they have committed to buy multiple items separately. Turn on this option within the eBay channel settings at Channels > eBay > Settings.


Leaving this option unchecked will mean no changes to the way the eBay order download currently works, which is downloading orders as soon as the customer commits to buy an item, even if they have't yet paid. This ensures that stock is reserved as soon as possible but can result in multiple orders being created where the customer purchases multiple items (using commit to buy over add to basket). Read more about downloading eBay orders

Shopify | Cart attribute mapping

Shopify allows you to create cart attributes which are custom fields used for collecting additional information from customers when they checkout, such as gift messages. To bring those additional details into Brightpearl the Shopify cart attribute can be mapped to a Brightpearl sales order custom field. And if the attribute isn't mapped, it will get captured in the Brightpearl order notes.

To set up attribute mapping, log into Shopify and navigate to the order settings in the Brightpearl app. Enter the Shopify attribute field name, and specify which Brightpearl custom field the information should be captured in.


Brightpearl WMS | Delivery Date as a column on GONs

In March of this year, the ability to filter goods-out notes by product category was added. To improve on that report further, the delivery date can now be added as a column in Brightpearl WMS’s goods-out note listing.

Brightpearl WMS | Filter presets

Brightpearl WMS introduces preset filters for creating custom views. This allows you to save the lists you frequently use as part of your tasks and workflows. For example, create a preset filter for each shipment priority:


Brightpearl WMS | Improved tablet experience with collapsible action menus

If you're using Brightpearl WMS on a small screened device, the action menus will now automatically become dropdown lists to save space and provide a cleaner view.


Accounting | Filter first for balance sheet

Back in March we introduced the option to set various reports as "filter first". This means the page loads with no results and the filters open and ready to complete. This helps to speed up page loading and filtering. This month, we have added the option to activate filter first on the balance sheet. Activate this option at Settings > Company > Other options.


Accounting | Background task export for balance sheet

We have added the option to export the balance sheet as a background task. This means you can request the export and carry on with something else whilst you wait for the report to be generated. View the status and open the exported report in My background tasks.



Account setup | New staff permissions for sales and purchases

We've separated out some of the permissions for staff working in the Sales and Purchases areas. When this feature is activated on your Brightpearl account, these new permissions will default to active for all users.

Read more about user permissions in the support documentation


Edit order row values

This permission controls whether the price, discount (if activated and includes settlement discount), tax amount, tax code and account code fields on an order row can be edited. If this permission is turned off then these fields cannot be changed by the staff member.


Goods-in and out

These permissions control whether a staff member is able to manage goods-in and out.

The sales permission controls:

  • Fulfilling sales orders to goods-out notes
  • Dropshipping sales orders
  • Receiving goods-in on sales returns


The purchases permission controls:

  • Receiving inventory on purchase orders


The sales invoice permission controls whether:

  • Sales orders and returns (credits) can be invoiced
  • Sales invoices and credits can be un-invoiced
  • Enter a quick invoice
  • Enter a quick credit


The purchase invoice permission controls whether the user can:

  • Receive invoices against purchase orders
  • Receive credits against purchase credits
  • Enter a supplier bill
  • Enter a supplier credit

CRM | Forget a contact

Forgetting a contact will erase or obscure the contact data throughout Brightpearl. Data will be erased when possible but obscured within required fields, for example the contact's name will be replaced with 'FORGOTTEN CONTACT' followed by the date and time the contact was forgotten.

When forgetting a contact any emails associated with them will be deleted. If those emails are associated with other contacts it will also be deleted from their record. Read more


CRM | Download contact information

Downloading a contact by selecting the will provide you with a shareable CSV file containing the chosen contact's data which includes:

  • Contact data; which includes the name and address details and other contact details like email address and phone numbers
  • Order information; which includes a list of orders the customer has raised, followed by a list of the rows that appears on those orders, followed by any public notes added to the orders. Use the Order ID value to link orders to order rows and order notes.

Read more


We’re excited to bring these features to you and would really value your feedback on them on the Brightpearl Community. Let us know what you think!

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