Sales channels integrations & orders

Can I add an order to a consumer’s account in the back office?
No, currently only via POS when completing an order which is linked to a loyalty card.

Which transactions are in scope of this project?
The scope of this integration includes POS transactions and BigCommerce/Magento transactions.

Which orders are downloaded from each channel?

  • POS & BigCommerce: all
  • Magento: orders with a promotional code

Which features are supported by the sales channels integrations?

  • BigCommerce & Magento: gift cards, promo codes
  • BigCommerce only: earn points from all eligible orders
  • Magento only: earn points from all eligible orders where a promo code has been used

How are products and customers synced from sales channels integrations?

  • BigCommerce only: products are automatically synced when created in BC
  • Magento only: products are synced only when a change is made or order is downloaded

How can I set up the connection between BigCommerce and Voucherify?
Set up the BigCommerce integration

How can I set up the connection between Magento and Voucherify?
Set up the Magento integration

Loyalty programs

How can a customer enrol into a loyalty program?
Via POS in store.

Does a customer earn points from POS and online sales after enrolling?
Yes, automatically.

Can a customer earn points without enrolling in POS?
Yes, if the merchant enrolls them manually in Voucherify.

How can I set up customers to earn points both from POS and online channels?
By including the products included in the earning rules in both versions (one with online channel’s id and one with the POS id).

Can I set the points to be won to be proportional to the amount spent?
Yes that's an option to choose. 

Can I import existing loyalty programs and gift cards to my Voucherify account?
It is possible to import existing loyalty and gift cards (text IDs into loyalty campaign), but without the loyalty points or gift card balance on the cards.

What does the voucher object represent in Voucherify?
The voucher object represents both the gift card and loyalty card in terms of the money that can be spent.

Do I need to create a consumer in Voucherify in order to enrol them into loyalty?
To enrol a consumer in loyalty we do NOT need to create the consumer first if they are not already present in Voucherify.

Can I transfer points from a loyalty card to another?
Yes, if a card is closed there is the option via POS to transfer its points to another card that is linked to the same consumer.

Gift cards

Can a gift card be used anonymously by a consumer?
Of course.

Do gift cards need to be stock tracked products in Brightpearl?

That's up to the merchant, if you would like to know when running low of your physical gift cards to reorder, then it's necessary to keep them stock tracked. 

Voucherify account

How can I get a Voucherify test account?

Where do I set up the loyalty programs and gift cards?
Everything is set up at your Voucherify account. Merchants must create campaigns, via their portal access, where they define the earning rules - before assigning any consumer to loyalty and assign gift cards.

How can a consumer access their loyalty and gift cards updates?
Consumers get access to the “Cockpit”: a url shared with consumer so they can check transactions and balance etc. This is shared via a Voucherify email. The merchant can trigger automatic distribution once a consumer has signed up.

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