SETUP | How to set up your integration with Magento and how it works

Voucherify Magento plugin works for Magento version 2 or later.

  1. Go to the Magento Marketplace to install the Voucherify extension.
    1. Select the edition (open source) and store version and add the app to the cart.
    2. Then proceed to check out by clicking on the cart.
    3. Fill in the required info and place the order (there should be no cost of the app so you won’t be requested to add payment details).
    4. Select to install the app.
    5. Select the option to create a new access key.
    6. In the message box that pops up, enter a name for this access key (e.g. Voucherify).
    7. You can now see that Magento has created a public and a private key under the name that you have provided.
  2. Install the plugin. In our case, the installation was conducted entirely from the command line (CLI). The CLI is considered the appropriate way to expertly manage installations. During the installation, follow these steps:

    su-exec nginx composer require voucherify/integration:1.0.0
    su-exec nginx composer update voucherify/integration
    su-exec nginx ./bin/magento module:status
    su-exec nginx ./bin/magento module:enable Voucherify_Integration --clear-static-content
    su-exec nginx ./bin/magento setup:upgrade
    su-exec nginx ./bin/magento setup:di:compile
    su-exec nginx ./bin/magento module:status
    su-exec nginx ./bin/magento cache:clean
  3. Once the plugin has been successfully installed, go to your Magento account > Stores > Configuration and expand the Voucherify option from the left menu.
  4. The extension configuration consists of:
    1. General configuration, which includes:
      1. Apply voucher on: here you need to define what price components will be discounted:
        1. Only subtotal
        2. Subtotal including shipping
        3. Subtotal including taxes
        4. Subtotal including shipping and taxes.
      2. Prevent Order Creating: Setting “yes” means to stop order creating if the used voucher is not valid, while “no” that the order will be created but without a discount, if the voucher is not valid. 
    2. API configuration, which includes:
      1. Application API settings
      2. Client Side API settings
        These fields should be completed with the application ids and secret keys from the Voucherify dashboard found at your Voucherify account > Project settings > Application keys, Client-side keys.

        You can now save your configuration changes.
    3. Your Magento store should now have the Voucherify coupon box displayed in the “Review & Payments” section of the order (below payment options).
    4. There, the customer can enter their discount code or promotion code or gift card code and apply the discount. If the customer decides they do not want to use it at this point, they can still cancel it and keep the voucher unused.

How it works

  • Now your Voucherify and Magento accounts are connected and data is synced in real time. It means that every time an order that contains a promotional code appears in Magento, it is consequently created in Voucherify. Along with the order,  the customer and products associated to it are also created in Voucherify if they don't already exist. 
  • Your customers can now enter Voucherify coupon codes and gift cards when purchasing in your Magento store. 
  • The customer does NOT need to have the gift card associated to them, so any gift card can be used by anyone.
  • The customer cannot select to use part of their gift card or voucher code, e.g. spend $20 out of $50 balance, but if the order value is less than the gift card’s balance, the gift card balance is adjusted accordingly.
  • The customer cannot use multiple gift cards to pay for their purchase.
  • The same principles ⬆️ apply to coupon codes e.g. $15 off, 10% off entire purchase.
  • Coupon codes that include conditions, e.g. buy min 2 X to get 20%, spend $100 to get $10 off, cannot be used in integrated e-commerce channels.




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