SETUP | How to set up your integration with BigCommerce & how it works

Connect your store with Voucherify account in order to enable your customers to:

  • redeem Voucherify promo codes and gift cards in the storefront
  • earn loyalty points for their online purchases.

The BigCommerce integration enables you to sync your coupons, customers, orders, products and SKUs. All updates from your BigCommerce dashboard are sent to your Voucherify database in real time.

How to integrate Voucherify to BigCommerce

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce account. Open Advanced Settings > API Accounts > Create API Account.If the option “API Accounts” is inactive, you will need to ask your BigCommerce administrator to add this permission to your account.
  2. Choose “Create V2/V3 API Token”.
  3. Name your new API account and copy the API path that will be required later in the Voucherify dashboard.
  4. The API account for Voucherify needs the following OAuth Scopes in your BigCommerce shop:
    • Content: modify
    • Checkout Content: modify
    • Customers: read-only
    • Marketing: modify
    • Orders: read-only
    • Products: read-only
    • Carts: read-only
    • Checkouts: modify.
      Save your changes.
  5. If you are using Chrome, Firefox or Edge, a text file containing the API token and Client ID should have downloaded to your computer. If this file has not been downloaded, copy and paste somewhere safe the Client ID, Client Secret and Access Token from the screen.
    Select done.
  6. Log into your Voucherify account, go to your profile name at the upper right corner > Integrations (Integrations Directory) and expand the BigCommerce area.
  7. Here you need to paste the API credentials you saved before: Client ID, Client Secret, Access Token and API Path and select “Connect”.
  8. The app will confirm if the installation is complete by displaying the 'Connected' button next to the BigCommerce integration.
  9. Further down, select “Install scripts” to sync databases and enable your customers to redeem Voucherify codes. Once done, you will see a confirmation message at the upper right corner.

How it works

  • Now your Voucherify and BigCommerce accounts are connected and data is synced in real time. It means that every time a new customer, order, product or SKU appears in your BigCommerce account, it is automatically created in the connected Voucherify dashboard.
    E.g. we have added a customer to BigCommerce and can immediately see them in our Voucherify account. 

  • Your customers can now enter Voucherify coupon codes and gift cards when purchasing in your BigCommerce store. E.g. We have set up a campaign in Voucherify for gift cards worth $50.
    A customer wants to use one of their $50 gift cards to pay for her purchase in BigCommerce. The total amount of the purchase is $50.48 and the customer is at the BigCommerce checkout.
    v70.pngThe customer adds their gift card code at the order and applies it, Voucherify automatically validates the code and displays a response. The new total is $0.48.
  • The customer does NOT need to have the gift card associated to them, so any gift card can be used by anyone. 
  • The customer cannot select to use part of their gift card or voucher code, e.g. spend $20 out of $50 balance, but if the order value is less than the gift card’s balance, the gift card balance is adjusted accordingly.
  • The customer cannot use multiple gift cards to pay for their purchase.
  • The same principles ⬆️ apply to coupon codes e.g. $15 off, 10% off entire purchase.
  • Coupon codes that include conditions, e.g. buy min 2 X to get 20%, spend $100 to get $10 off, cannot be used in integrated e-commerce channels.
  • Product categories are automatically mapped to a predefined metadata field in Voucherify. If you add a new product with categories or update an existing one, the assigned categories will be visible in the product details. In the metadata section, you can see a property called bigcommerce_product_categories, which represents product category ID in the BigCommerce dashboard (if you select more categories for the product, then the Voucherify displays all values as a list).


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