POS | How to get paid by loyalty card

Getting paid by loyalty card is very similar to getting paid by gift card.

  1. Add a customer to the basket.
  2. Continue to payment and select “Loyalty cards” as the payment method.
  3. POS will display the modal for the loyalty card payments, where you can see the total amount to tender as well as any existing loyalty cards that the customer already have in their profile.
  4. Add further loyalty cards if needed, using the "Card reference" field.
  5. Select the preferred card and amend the amount to tender if necessary. Continue with “Pay”.
  6. Once all the payments have been made, the sale is completed. You can at any point select “Done” and have any remaining amount paid via another payment method.
  7. In the printed receipt, we can see the updates of the loyalty cards for the current day, including the latest payments.
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