POS | How to sell a gift card

  1. Please make sure you have followed the instructions here in order to set up your gift cards in Brightpearl.
  2. Scan or search for the gift card products and add them to the basket along with any other items. You can change their values if you’d like to, but try to only change the value of the free value gift cards to keep reporting consistent.
  3. Proceed to checkout and select the preferred payment method.
  4. Once the payment is made, POS displays a modal where you can activate the gift cards. Next to each product you must scan the bardcode/QR code or type in the unique gift card code.
  5. Then select “Activate”. POS attempts to activate the gift cards listed with the given codes.
  6. POS then displays the result of the gift cards activations. In this example all cards were activated successfully:
    In this example one of the cards failed to be activated, and the related message is to try activating it manually in Voucherify:
  7. The activated gift cards are immediately available to use. POS completes the sale and submits it to Brightpearl.
  8. In the printed receipt we can see the items sold as gift cards.



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