POS | How to enroll a customer into a loyalty campaign

If you wish to enroll a customer into your loyalty program, follow these steps:

  1. Add a customer to the basket.
  2. From the basket, tap on the customer’s name and then tap"View/edit".
  3. Select the"Loyalty" tab.
  4. Tap "Add card".
  5. You have the option to enroll the customer onto a loyalty campaign by using either an existing physical loyalty card or no physical card.
    • If you select the physical card option, you need to scan or type in the unique loyalty card code.
      v37.pngOnce you select “Save”, if the loyalty code is valid, the customer will be enrolled into the loyalty program.
      v38.pngThe newly added loyalty program or card will immediately be displayed in the customer’s loyalty cards list.
    • If you choose to add a card without a physical card, then POS will provides a list of all the available campaigns that the customer is not already a member of.
      v40.pngChoose the campaign and tap "Save" in order to enroll the customer into the loyalty program.
      v41.pngSince this enrollment was not based on a physical card, POS will print out the loyalty card code for the customer’s reference. Please note that all loyalty cards added to customer’s profile are available in POS once the customer is added to the basket.
  6. On the printed receipt, you'll see the newly added loyalty card.


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