New features in account setup

This is where you can read about all the features we've introduced for managing your account and staff. We will be continuously updating this page with any new features added. You can also learn about all our new features in the release notes updates that we regularly email.

November 2022 | Improved account security

For improved account security you will now have to verify your identity when editing a user record. When saving changes to a staff/user record, you will be asked to re-enter your password.


July 2022 | Improved account security

For improved account security we have made some changes to staff/user management in Brightpearl.

Changing your own password

To change your password at any time, whilst logged into Brightpearl, you can go to your username and My Password. You will now only see an option to click a button which will send an email to reset your password. Follow the steps in the email to complete your password change. Read more about user passwords


Editing My Details

Individual users are no longer able to edit the following details within My Details. Changes can now only be made by admins, which are users with permission to settings and staff setup:

  • Email address
  • SMTP email address
  • Expenses code


Default permissions for new staff/users added

When adding a new staff/user they will default to having no permissions at all. Before they will be able to do anything in Brightpearl you will need to assign them the relevant permissions. To speed the process up we have added a button to switch all permissions to enabled, you can then make any required changes before saving. You can also use the existing option to copy another user's permissions. Read more about permissions


June 2018 | New staff permissions for sales and purchases

We've separated out some of the permissions for staff working in the sales and purchases areas. When this feature is activated on your Brightpearl account these new permissions will default to active for all users.

Read more about user permissions in the support documentation


Edit order row values

This permission controls whether the price, discount (if activated and includes settlement discount), tax amount, tax code and account code fields on an order row can be edited. If this permission is turned off then these fields cannot be changed by the staff member.


Goods-in and out

These permissions control whether a staff member is able to manage goods-in and out.

The sales permission controls:

  • Fulfilling sales orders to goods-out notes
  • Dropshipping sales orders
  • Receiving goods-in on sales returns


The purchases permission controls:

  • Receiving inventory on purchase orders


The sales invoice permission controls whether:

  • Sales orders and returns (credits) can be invoiced
  • Sales invoices and credits can be un-invoiced
  • Enter a quick invoice
  • Enter a quick credit


The purchase invoice permission controls whether the user can:

  • Receive invoices against purchase orders
  • Receive credits against purchase credits
  • Enter a supplier bill
  • Enter a supplier credit
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