Brightpearl Release Notes - December 2019


The year may be drawing to a close, but we're certainly not letting our foot off the gas with no less than five new features in this month's sack of gifts!

This month we're excited to announce that the new Dashboards are now officially rolled out across all accounts replacing the legacy dashboards, and we bring you two new features in Brightpearl WMS adding greater flexibility to warehouse transfers PLUS a refresh to the picking exceptions modal.

If by this point you've counted three and expected five, then you may be an accountant - good news for you then that the last two are for Avalara which not only adds a warning if the taxes haven't been calculated, but you can now set channels as location codes!

Phew! Beat that Santa!


Dashboards | Rolled out!

The new dashboards have been made available in September 2019 as an option for anyone wanting to try them, now we make the switch for all accounts across Brightpearl. The new landing page for dashboards includes the default dashboards (Accounting, Products and Customers, Orders) and all the old dashboards pages are redirected to this new central menu. 

Try out the modern widgets, add your filters, resize the displays and get the most out your data.

Learn more about dashboards here.


Brightpearl WMS | Inventory Movements

It’s now possible to record movements of inventory from one location to another via the product page. Use the In Stock or On Hand boxes to open the modal where you can adjust or move inventory - we’ve updated the design of the whole modal, and have added the Move Stock link. Clicking it will open a new panel where you can enter a destination and set a quantity to move.


Brightpearl WMS | Picking exceptions modal refresh

WMS users are able to override allocations made by Brightpearl according to FIFO by selecting an alternative location from which to pick items. We’ve made a few changes to the modal to bring it up to date, including a progress bar, clearer categorisation of locations, and the ability to overtype quantities.


Avalara | Warning before taking payment if taxes have not been calculated

If you're using our Avatax integration, you'll find a new setting at Settings > Tax > Tax settings to 'Show warning if taxes are not fully calculated before taking a payment'. When this is enabled, a warning message is displayed when attempting to capture or record a payment against a sales order that hasn't had its taxes calculated by Avalara.


Avalara | Set channel as location code when committing invoices to Avalara

Avalara uses location codes to identify the marketplace from which your orders originated. This lets you view and sort transactions made for each marketplace and allows you to exclude transactions from AvaTax's calculations when a marketplace collects and pays for you. As such, we now send the order's channel name to Avatax in the location code field.

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