Shopify refunds and returns

The Brightpearl Shopify app, allows for Shopify refunds to automatically generate a sales credit and refund in Brightpearl, and even handle the stock. Alternatively, the process can be handled within Brightpearl by cloning the sale to a credit and processing a refund and receiving the inventory, however, this will not update Shopify with any returns information.

Create sales credits from returns

This function will automatically create a sales credit in Brightpearl linked back to the original sales order once a refund has been performed in Shopify. This should only be switched on if your RMA process begins entirely outside Brightpearl.

Create refunds

This will automatically mark the sales credit created in Brightpearl as refunded once the refund is process in Brightpearl. Switching this off means that a user would need to mark orders as refunded in both systems. This can be used as a helpful reconciliation step to verify accurate refunding.

Receive inventory back into stock

This determines if items are automatically received against the sales credit upon issuing the refund. This should be used if you wait until items are received before issuing a refund in Shopify.

The returned stock location will determine if the item is received back into the item’s default location in the default stock allocation warehouse.

Refunds for items not yet shipped

If an order hasn't yet been shipped in Brightpearl it can simply be cancelled and doesn't require a sales credit to be created. If the Shopify app is configured to handle returns then when the order is refunded in Shopify it will mark the original sale in Brightpearl as unpaid using a reversal and update the status to cancelled using the order status mapping.

Please note the reversal will only be posted if the option to create payments for sales credits is enabled.

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