Brightpearl Release Notes - May 2018

Welcome to the May Release Notes! This month we've released a whole host of improvements to our Shopify and BigCommerce connectors, our Warehouse Management app (Warewolf), Brightpearl Payments, PLUS some security enhancements to our Smartforms! Phew!

Shopify | Shopify POS order fulfilment status respected

The Shopify connector now respects the fulfilment status of POS orders. If Shopify POS is set to place orders as unfulfilled, they will download to Brightpearl as unfulfilled.

Shopify | Additional information captured for payments

The Shopify connector will now capture additional payment information in Brightpearl:

  • Shopify order ID
  • Payment gateway name
  • Gateway transaction reference

Shopify | Refunds for items not yet shipped

The Shopify app can be configured to create sales credits and refunds in Brightpearl when a return is processed in Shopify. If the order hasn't yet been shipped in Brightpearl though the order can simply be cancelled. If the Shopify app is configured to handle returns then it will now mark the original sale as unpaid using a reversal. The Brightpearl order can also be moved to a cancelled status by using the order status mapping in the Shopify app.

Shopify | Stability improvements

Updates to the product and order download have helped to improve reliability and ensure updates are successfully received by Shopify.

BigCommerce | Stability improvements

Updates to the product and order download have helped to improve reliability and ensure updates are successfully received by BigCommerce.

BigCommerce | Additional information captured for payments

The BigCommerce connector has been updated to begin using the new transactions API offered by BigCommerce. This means we capture more information on the payments created in Brightpearl as well as supporting additional gateways. The new information captured on a payment includes:

  • Gateway name
  • Payment event (captured, auth, void, etc.)
  • Gateway transaction reference ID

This additional information can be viewed on the order payment in Brightpearl.

Warewolf | Goods-out note filter for product category

To help with prioritizing shipments which contain certain items, the goods-out notes page in Warewolf now has a new filter for ‘contains products’. This allows you to view only goods-out notes which contain products from specific categories.


Warewolf | Order IDs included on picking lists

Warewolf processing screens now have a new column available which will display order IDs. This is the first step towards custom columns in Warewolf. This particular column is useful if you sort as you pick, providing an on screen reference to each order they are picking them items for. To include this column, log into Warewolf and go to Settings > Goods-out.

Brightpearl Payments | Partial payments via "pay now" links

Brightpearl payments enables you to add ‘click here to pay now’ links onto any of your Brightpearl templates, which you can then send on to your customers for them to pay you remotely. If you wish to allow them, your customers will now be able to make part payments and multiple payments against a single invoice. We've left this option deactivated by default so to begin using it you will need to enable is within the gateway settings.

Core Platform | Version 2 reCAPTCHA on Smartforms

Google have recently released a new version of their reCAPTCHA which meant Smartforms with this enabled were displaying the Google notification of the version one end of life. We have now begun using the new version which means reCAPTCHA can be reactivated and used. If you left your Smartforms with it enabled and have a white list of allowed websites you will simply see reCAPTCHA start working. If you don't have any websites whitelisted then reCAPTCHA will be automatically disabled. When renabling reCAPTCHA you must provide a white list of websites.


We’re excited to bring these features to you and would really value your feedback on them on the Brightpearl Community. Let us know what you think.

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