New features in contacts and CRM

This is where you will be able to find out more details about the features we talk about in our release notes.

We will continuously be updating this page with any new features added to the customer, supplier and marketing areas.

December 2018 | API - search for contacts using telephone number

The contact SEARCH will now accept telephone number as a search term further expanding the options you can build into your apps.

June 2018 | Forget a contact

Forgetting a contact will erase or obscure the contact data throughout Brightpearl. Data will be erased when possible but obscured within required fields, for example the contact's name will be replaced with 'FORGOTTEN CONTACT' followed by the date and time the contact was forgotten.

When forgetting a contact any emails associated with them will be deleted. If those emails are associated with other contacts it will also be deleted from their record. Read more


June 2018 | Download contact information

Downloading a contact by selecting the will provide you with a shareable CSV file containing the chosen contact's data which includes:

  • Contact data; which includes the name and address details and other contact details like email address and phone numbers
  • Order information; which includes a list of orders the customer has raised, followed by a list of the rows that appears on those orders, followed by any public notes added to the orders. Use the Order ID value to link orders to order rows and order notes.

Read more

May 2018 | Version 2 reCAPTCHA on Smartforms

Google have recently released a new version of their reCAPTCHA which meant Smartforms with this enabled were displaying the Google notification of the version one end of life. We have now begun using the new version which means reCAPTCHA can be reactivated and used. If you left your Smartforms with it enabled and have a white list of allowed websites you will simply see reCAPTCHA start working. If you don't have any websites whitelisted then reCAPTCHA will be automatically disabled. When renabling reCAPTCHA you must provide a white list of websites.

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