Brightpearl Release Notes - October 2019


With holiday sales firmly focused in our minds, this month's cauldron of treats will get your operations flowing with greater efficiency so you can spend less time on the process and more on the service.

Nobody wants returns, but when you do have to create purchase credits, you want them to be quick and easy - that's why this month you have two brand new improvements to help you with exactly that. PLUS our point of sale app Brightpearl POS has no less than six new features! PayPal Here and iOS upgrades, integrations with USAePAY, BOPIS, advanced fulfilment, AND more warehouse intel in the app. Phew!


Purchases | Add inventory items to a Purchase Credit

You can now search for and add inventory items to a Purchase Credit. Previously all items had to be manually entered, now it's much quicker! Please note that it's not possible to allocate or ship items from a Purchase Credit. Learn more about this here.

Purchases | Clone a Purchase Order to a Purchase Credit

To make creating a Purchase Credit even easier, you can now clone from a Purchase Order! This works in a similar way to cloning from a Sales Order; just select the rows you want to credit and select 'Clone to Purchase Credit'.

Brightpearl POS |PayPal Here upgrade to SDK 2

PayPal Here is now upgraded to SDK 2, practically meaning improved performance and added features, as well as a smooth collaboration with the latest firmware for your PayPal Here card readers. During the processing of your first transaction with PayPal Here in this POS version you will be prompted to upgrade your PPH card reader. Additionally, you can take advantage of the enhanced UI for emailing customer receipts for all PPH payments.

Brightpearl POS | USAePAY integration


Using Brightpearl Payments, it's now possible to integrate USAePAY with Brightpearl POS. See how you can set up USAePAY in the back office here and how to set up your card reader here.

Brightpearl POS | Upgrades to comply with iOS 13

This POS version includes adjustments that enable the app to run smoothly with the changes in iOS 13.

Brightpearl POS | BOPIS: notification when the quantity to ship is not available on hand

This feature is here to notify the user when they try to ship a quantity that is no longer available on hand while additionally providing the actual quantity on hand at that time. More about BOPIS can be found here


Brightpearl POS | Advanced fulfilment: Ability to set all combinations of delivery method, shipment fee and delivery date

It is now possible to add a shipping charge and a wished delivery date to a sale via Advanced Fulfilment even when you have not selected a delivery method and/or when all items are set to be fulfilled now. Additionally, you can select a delivery method even when the delivery charge is 0.

Brightpearl POS | Access all available warehouses in the product inventory tab


POS user interface has been improved to allow access to the complete list of warehouses in the product inventory tab in case there are more than 4 warehouses set up.

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