Bundles in Demand Planner

Bundles are created in Brightpearl and synced automatically with Demand Planner; read more about creating bundles here. The components can be seen when viewing the details of a bundle SKU in its Bundles tab.


Bundles and replenishment

The demand of a bundle is accounted for in the replenishment suggestions of its components. In other words, Demand Planner will ensure you purchase enough inventory to meet demand for sales of an individual item and sales of any bundles of which it is a component.

You will only see inventory managed items in the Replenishment report by default, as such your bundles will not show. However, as stated above, the forecast for components is based on both bundles sales and individual product sales.

How to view bundles in reports

At the top of the screen (in Replenishment, Overstock, Inventory KPIs, or other reports), select the bundle view. Ensure you're not filtered to only view tracked inventory, otherwise bundles still won't show.


Bundle components will appear in the Variants view.

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