Bundles in Demand Planner

A bundle is a kit of items that is not assembled prior to being sold. When such a bundle is sold and fulfilled, the warehouse operative will pick each component individually and assemble the bundle as they pack the order. Bundles are configured in Brightpearl's back office. Brightpearl calculates a theoretical availability of these bundles based on the availability of the components. Read more about creating bundles in Brightpearl here.

The components that make up a bundle can be seen in Demand Planner when viewing the details of a bundle SKU in its Bundles tab:


Bundles and replenishment

The demand for a bundle is accounted for in the replenishment suggestions of its components. In other words, Demand Planner will ensure you purchase enough inventory to meet demand for sales of an individual item and sales of any bundles of which it is a component.

You will only see inventory managed items in the Replenishment report by default, as such your bundles will not show. However, as stated above, the forecast for components is based on both bundle sales and individual product sales.


In this example, T-shirts are sold either as individual units (SKU BW345) or as packs of five (SKU BW345-X5). All t-shirts are fulfilled from the same inventory, they are simply picked and fulfilled based on the way they are purchased.

  • It is only necessary to replenish components which is done using the Variants view of the replenishment report:

  • By selecting the Details icon then the Bundles tab, you will see the sales breakdown for bundles vs. variants. The sales are merged together so that the forecast and replenishment recommendations consider total sales:

  • From the replenishment report, you can select the variant to create a purchase order (or transfer) for the replenishment recommendation.

How to view bundles in reports

At the top of the page (in Replenishment, Overstock, Inventory KPIs and other reports), select the Bundle view. Ensure you're not filtered to only view tracked inventory, otherwise bundles still won't show.


Bundle components will appear in the Variants view.

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