Stock orders list (purchases, transfers and assembly orders)

Purchase orders, transfers and assembly orders can be viewed in Demand Planner by clicking on the Stock Orders icon in the left side menu.


In this screen, you can view existing purchase orders, transfers and assembly orders, filter by status or product name, and create new orders. You can view order details by clicking on the Reference #.

Labels are applied automatically and will show the order status, invoice status and inventory status in Brightpearl.

To review the source for your stock order, please click the gear icon and add the Source metric as a column. This will add a column showing you how the stock order was created - whether via an Automation, manually created, or pulled in from Brightpearl.

Customizing the report

To customize the information shown on this screen, click the blue gear icon mceclip1.png in the upper right corner. Here you can enable or disable columns.


Bulk actions

The stock orders list can be exported from the Bulk Actions menu.


If a purchase order hasn't yet been sent to Brightpearl's back office, then it is also possible to update the purchase order within Demand Planner. Use the bulk action 'Set source' to change the supplier.

View a purchase order, transfer or assembly order

View order or transfer details by clicking on the reference in the stock order list.

Here you can view all order and transfer information including dates, addresses, the vendor (if applicable), items with additional data and a summary.

You can also download the purchase order as CSV or PDF.

Tip: Clicking on the 'Brightpearl' tag next to the purchase order will take you to the purchase order in Brightpearl.


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