Troubleshooting forecasts and replenishment

If the forecast and replenishment recommendations don't look right, check the below items:

  • Is the product marked as seasonal?
  • Are your days of stock set correctly?
  • Is your lead time correct? This only applies to replenishment recommendations and not to the forecasted sales.
  • Are there stockouts affecting the forecast?
  • What is the time period for sales historyIf sales were significantly higher or lower two years ago than they have been in recent months, it may make sense to limit this time period to the last six months or year.
  • Have the forecasting rules been updated manually? Look at Edit Forecast for a forecast override or percentage override - any manual changes to forecasted sales will appear with a yellow outline.

To remove manual overrides to the forecast, you can delete any of these entries and Demand Planner will automatically replace it with the default forecast. You can clear any manual overrides in the Replenishment report using Bulk Actions


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