Non-replenishable status

Non-replenishable products do not show in the Replenishment report, which means Demand Planner will not suggest raising a PO for these items. SKUs that are not kept in stock, such as drop-shipped items or discontinued items, should be set as non-replenishable.

Note: an item marked as non-replenishable in one warehouse will be non-replenishable in all warehouses within Demand Planner.

Update in bulk

Go to the Replenishment report and select items you wish to remove. Then click Bulk Actions > Set As Non-Replenishable.

The default view of your Replenishment report shows only replenishable items. If you wish to view items that are non-replenishable, remove the 'Replenishable: Yes' filter.


Set replenishable status by import

If you need to set several SKUs as non-replenishable it may be easier to upload the changes via a spreadsheet. First, create a spreadsheet with the SKU in the first column and a second column for replenishment status. Your spreadsheet must have column names in the first row. 


For items to be marked as non-replenishable, enter '1' or 'true'. 

Navigate to Catalog > Forecast settings > Import > Replenishment.

Attach your file and choose the appropriate column name for each field. Map your non-replenishable field to "Hide in replenishment column (optional)". Finally, click Upload to update the data.


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