Editing a forecast

Sometimes it makes sense to override the automatic forecast to more closely align it to your plans. This can be especially useful in the following situations:  

  • When planning a marketing campaign
  • When planning purchases and would like to review and fix the forecast first. Once the forecast has been fixed for a period, it stops recomputing each day
  • When receiving new products and would like to manually enter their initial demand

Forecast override

Go to Edit forecast and enter the override amount. Entering this override updates the planned sales which is then used for replenishment recommendations.


Percentage increase

You can also specify a forecast percentage increase which is applied for the forecast override (if set) or to the automated forecast (if not). The final result is reflected in the planned sales. 


Bulk updates

To make changes in bulk, select products in the Edit forecast screen using the checkboxes on the left. Then use the Bulk Actions menu. This allows you to apply the same action to a group of products:


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