Connecting PayPal Here Reader (POS Version 1.3.2)

POS version 1.3.2 (which includes an upgrade to PayPal Here SDK2) has a different method of connecting the PayPal Here reader compared to previous versions.

To set up your PayPal Chip Card Reader (via Bluetooth):

  1. Start up by adding PayPal Here as a card payment method at Brightpearl back office (if not already done), you can find out how here.
  2. Please make sure you have added PayPal Here as a payment method at Brightpearl POS > Store settings > {select store} > Payment methods.
  3. Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled and if any card reader is already paired under iOS Settings > Bluetooth, then select it and choose to forget it.
  4. Login to your PayPal Here app, and ensure you upgrade your card reader to the latest firmware version. 
  5. Make sure the device is turned on. The device screen shows: "Open the app on your phone or tablet". Press and hold the Bluetooth PAIR button on the front of the Card Reader until the LED flashes blue.
  6. The device screen shows: "Turn on Bluetooth in phone/tablet settings 
Select PayPal XYZ".
  7. In Settings > Hardware > Card Readers pair new Bluetooth Card Reader to pair the Card Reader with the iPad.  From the list that pops up, select the accessory "PayPal XYZ". Please allow a few seconds for the option to appear on the list.
  8. Proceed to complete a sale to the POS check-out screen and select the PayPal Here payment method.
  9. You will be prompted by a popup on the payment screen. Please follow these instructions to ensure the card reader is updated with the latest firmware.
  10. You can now complete the transaction.
  11. On the next transaction you may need to select the "remembered card reader" option once you click the PayPal Here payment method - All subsequent transactions will remember the reader automatically.
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