Brightpearl Release Notes - September 2019


As we bid a fond farewell to the summer sales, our attention is turned towards the holiday season. We want you to have the best one yet, so as well as pulling out all the stops to ensure that as your sales spike, Brightpearl will be running as usual, we've also released five new features across Brightpearl Automation and Brightpearl POS to give you the edge this season!


Brightpearl Automation | Date conditions

You can now use an order's created date, delivery date, invoiced date, payment due date, placed on date, tax date or updated date to determine when actions should apply.

Brightpearl Automation | Specific delivery date

Use the 'update delivery date' action to set a specific delivery date against an order. Previously, you were able to set a date relative to either the current date or the existing delivery date. Now, you can set a specific date - handy if you need to deliver in time for a specific holiday!

Brightpearl Automation | Require all order rows to meet row conditions

A handful of conditions work at the order row level. These are 'contains SKU', 'product category' and 'nominal code'. Previously, when set to true, these conditions required ANY row on the order to meet these conditions. We've added a checkbox which when selected requires ALL rows on the order to meet the condition. Conversely, when set to false it requires that NONE of the order rows match the condition

Brightpearl POS | Omnichannel Buy Online Pick up In Store (BOPIS) - Click and Collect

You can now fulfil in-store orders placed in any of your channels (marketplaces, webstores, mail and phone orders) using the BOPIS functionality. The “Sales Search” in POS is now upgraded to include all Brightpearl orders (omnichannel) so you can look them up and mark any selection of the item rows as shipped providing your customers with a truly seamless omnichannel experience and increasing your in-store sales. Find out more here.


Brightpearl POS | Sales automatic invoicing configuration

Brightpearl POS settings on store level now include the option to set the automatic sales invoicing to ON or OFF. If the invoicing is off, the POS sales are downloaded into Brightpearl but not automatically invoiced.

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