Amazon settlement report mapping

Brightpearl customer payments and journals are created by downloading the Amazon settlement report. The settlement report is released every 2 weeks and contains the payments being made, as well as any fees being deducted.
Amazon charges a wide selection of fees, for which you need to create accounting entries in Brightpearl. These accounting entries ensure your balance sheet is correct and makes it easy to account for fees separately to enable reporting over time. 

With the Amazon settlement report mapping feature, you will be able to:
- Automatically account for order-related fees and other fees seen on the Amazon settlement report

- Specify different account codes for different types of fees

- Prevent accounting entries from being created for certain fees and charges, depending on your business preferences and workflows

- See ecommerce alerts for transactions not processed automatically due to missing orders. 

- You will not be able to re-run the settlement report to create accounting entries after the configuration had been saved or corrected. 
- You will not be able to capture refund/adjustments fees. 

To set up settlement report mapping, go to Brightpearl > Amazon Marketplace settings > Sync Orders section > Capture Amazon Other Fees. 

Check the 'Capture Amazon Other Fees' checkbox if you want Brightpearl to capture other fees (e.g. advertising fee)


Next scroll down to ‘Fees, charges and reimbursements' section. 


Order-related fees and other fees and transactions

Set a default account code for order-related fees. All fees within the <Order><Fee> and <Order><ShipmentFee> containers on the settlement report will be accounted for automatically. 

You can also set a default account code for other fees found outside of the <Order> container (<OtherTransaction> and <AdvertisingTransactionDetails>) on the settlement report. 

If you want some of the fees to be accounted separately, use the transaction type mapping tool.

Transaction type mapping

You can map individual Amazon fee codes to individual Brightpearl account codes. When Brightpearl downloads settlement reports, accounting journals will be automatically created posting fees to the mapped specific account codes. 

Simply enter Amazon transaction type name (as shown in the XML report, note that this field is case sensitive), check ‘Create accounting’ checkbox if you want to create accounting entry for this transaction, and set any account code. This mapping will override the default fee account codes set above. 

If you do not want the accounting to be created for any particular transaction, you can enter the transaction name, set a default account code against it, and leave the ‘Create Accounting’ checkbox unchecked. Brightpearl will not capture that fee/transaction. 

Brightpearl will only be looking at following container names depending on the type of fee:





You will later be able to use Brightpearl reporting to dive into the profitability of your Amazon channel, and use that to guide changes in how you manage your FBA activity.

BP or BR journal types

Brightpearl will create a BP or a BR journal depending on whether the money is going in or out of the bank account. A Bank Receipt (BR) is for money received into the bank account, a Bank Payment (BP) is for money paid out of the bank account.


-2.00 represents money paid out by the merchant to Amazon - money coming out of the bank account. It is, therefore, a BP type journal, where the fee is a debit and the bank is a credit,

Details: DisposalComplete channel xxx, settlement report ID: xxxx, Report ID: xxx

Type = BP



Amazon bank



Default/mapped fee code




E-commerce alerts 

An ecommerce alert will be shown for a list of payments which were not created from the settlement report due to the order being missing in Brightpearl. It appears only once per failed payment. 
You will also be able to filter all e-commerce alerts by using the ‘Missing order’ category, and export a list of ecommerce alerts to create a list of missing Amazon orders. 

Request Amazon to send settlement report automatically

You need to request Amazon to have your settlement report scheduled automatically. To do that, go to Seller Central help page hereGet support > Your account > Amazon fees.

Contact Reason: Please turn on automatic settlement report for my account.
Changes:  I would like to request that the following settlement reports be automatically scheduled for integration to Brightpearl ERP:



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