Brightpearl Release Notes - April 2018

Greetings and welcome to the April Release Notes!

This month we're pleased to bring two new improvements to our API which will be great news for our developer community. We're also bolstering our recent tranche of Amazon releases with a new Amazon business feature. Plus a new platform improvement to how Brightpearl handles the value of returned items!

API | API post for Product supplier

The new product-supplier-POST allows you to associate suppliers with products in Brightpearl using the API.

API | Change to Contact POST API

With GDPR fast approaching, we’ve reviewed our API and have decided to change the default behavior when a new contact is created.


Previously, when a new contact was created in Brightpearl using Contact POST, we assumed the ‘isReceiveEmailNewsletter’ setting to be TRUE (‘Yes’ in the UI) if no value was provided. We now assume that the value is FALSE (‘No’ in the UI) if nothing is provided.

This setting appears on the platform as ‘Receive email newsletters’. If you rely on the default behaviour above to set this value, you may need to make changes.

Amazon | Amazon Business

We've added the ability to identify your Amazon business orders in Brightpearl using a custom field. We will also capture the purchase order number and the customer VAT number.

All you need to do is create two new sales order custom fields and select them in your Amazon settings.


Core Platform | Use LOFI cost price on returns

When a customer returns an item it’s important that those items are added back into stock at a realistic value. This not only ensures that the balance sheet accurately reflects your financial assets but also that if that item is resold the profit margin is accurately recorded, or if it’s written off that you are not over stating losses on stock.

Up until now Brightpearl has always used the cost price list on the sales credit to specify at what value a returned item is received in at. You can still use this method if you choose, but we have now added the option for you to use a last-out-first-in (LOFI) cost to provide a more accurate cost based on the actual purchases you are making. When using the LOFI cost an item received back on a sales credit (cloned from a sales order) will automatically be recorded with the value of the last item of that product which was shipped, including any landed costs that were allocated to it.

You can access this under Settings > Sales > Sales settings.



We’re really proud to bring these features to you and would really value your feedback on them on the Brightpearl Community. Let us know what you think.

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