Creating a bill of materials

In the web app, select Bill of materials from the left-hand menu. This opens the Bill of materials listing, which shows all BOMs that exist within the web application.  You will see the product IDs, SKUs and product names. From here you can view and edit the BOMs and their recipes.


Creating products

To add a new BOM to the listing report, the product record must first be created in Brightpearl.

  1. Log in to your Brightpearl account
  2. Navigate to Products > New product/service
  3. Ensure you complete the following fields:
    • Item name, SKU, product type, brand, category(s)
    • Cost price
    • BOM custom field  - set this to 'Yes'
  4. Click Save changes 

Fetching products

After creating products in Brightpearl, the new SKUs are fetched by the web application automatically every 30 minutes. Alternatively, in the Bill of materials listing, click Fetch products to immediately trigger this process.


Editing a BOM

  1. In the Bill of materials listing search for the BOM using its product ID, SKU or namemceclip2.png
  2. Click the Edit button under the Actions heading
  3. From this screen the following options can be edited:
    • Auto-assembly (yes or no)
    • Auto-price update (yes or no)
    • Default bin location


BOMs can be assembled automatically based on either open sales orders or minimum stock levels and reorder quantities. Read more about auto-assembly here.

Auto-price update

This option updates the cost price of the BOM whenever the cost prices of any of its components change. For example, if a BOM is composed of the following:

  • 2 x Component A at $3
  • 1 x Component B at $4

The cost price for the BOM is (2 x $3) + (1 x $4) =  $10

If the cost price list for Component A changes to $5, then the BOM's value is recalculated as (2 x $5) + (1 x $4) =  $14

If the auto-price update option is selected, the cost price list of the BOM's product record is updated in Brightpearl whenever an item is assembled.

Default bin location

This is the default warehouse location used to put the finished product when it is assembled.

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