PayPal Here - Cannot take payment as software update is required


You cannot take a payment using the PayPal Here reader as the reader is stating 'Software update required'.


This issue has arisen due to a software update PayPal have released which no longer allows third-party apps to use the card reader.


POS now detects when the reader needs to be downgraded and enables the button in the hardware settings screen.

Please note:

  1. Do not update the firmware in the PayPal Here app as it updates it to a firmware version that the BP POS app is not compatible with.
  2. If you need to work in the PayPal Here app, it's very likely that the app will automatically get your PayPal Here device firmware upgraded. Consequently, when you go back to work in the Brightpearl POS you will need to follow the below steps to downgrade your firmware again.

These steps will downgrade the software version on the PayPal Here reader, therefore allowing the Brightpearl POS app to communicate with the reader.

  1. If you are in the PayPal Here app, exit and close it.
  2. Perform a total factory reset on the PayPal Here device (use a pin to press the reset button at the top of the device and select option "3 Total factory reset").
  3. Follow the instructions in the Brightpearl POS app (at Settings > Hardware > Card reader > PayPal Here) to pair the PayPal Here device and then select 'Update Card Reader Firmware'  if it's enabled - also found here. This will ensure that the card reader is using the correct software version to be functional with the Brightpearl POS app.




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