BigCommerce pricing updates

Before using the import prices feature, ensure that your BigCommerce tax configuration is compatible.

The prices interaction uses Brightpearl price lists to update BigCommerce product prices across all of the following pricing features found in BigCommerce:

  • Product price list (Default price)
  • Retail price list (MSRP price)
  • Sales price list (Sale price) 

Price update triggers

Brightpearl updates BigCommerce prices overnight.

BigCommerce tax configuration

Before importing prices from Brightpearl, it is important that BigCommerce is configured in a compatible way. BigCommerce prices must be set as tax exclusive. If prices need to be displayed to the online customer inclusive of tax, manage that using the price display settings.

Why BigCommerce tax configuration is important

Brightpearl always sends prices to BigCommerce exclusive of tax, regardless of whether the price list in Brightpearl is set as inclusive of tax. This means that the prices seen on the products in the BigCommerce will always be the price before tax, and therefore the BigCommerce configuration must also be set to acknowledge this. If BigCommerce is configured to read the price as inclusive of tax then BigCommerce will always calculate tax out of the given value instead of adding it on, causing online prices to be incorrect.

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