BigCommerce products

Product records need to exist in both Brightpearl and BigCommerce with matching and unique SKUs. Brightpearl does not manage product details on BigCommerce.

Product import

The product import is used to transfer products from BigCommerce into Brightpearl. The product import can be triggered from within the Brightpearl BigCommerce app and will create new product records if no matching SKU is found. The new product will be a non-stock tracked item with no inventory to ensure that no updates are sent to any other active sales channels where the same SKU might be in use. Once in Brightpearl the products can be switched to stock tracked in batch and inventory levels imported in bulk.

If a product with a matching SKU is found in Brightpearl, it will not be updated. Updates to existing SKUs in Brightpearl can be done directly, using a CSV upload or via the API.

The product import will transfer the following information, everything else will need to be updated in Brightpearl:

BigCommerce Brightpearl
Product type Product type
Name Name
Barcode Barcode
Sell price Price on the selected channel list
Cost price (does not exist) Add manually into Brightpearl
Compare at price Not imported
Option name (there will be up to 3) Option
Option value Option value
Weight Weight
Vendor Brand
Description Not imported
Categories (BigCommerce "collections") Not imported. A "BigCommerce products" created automatically and the products will be added to this category.
Tags Not imported
Inventory level Not imported
Brand Not Imported
Product tax class Not Imported

Using bundles with BigCommerce

Even though BigCommerce does not provide a bundle feature, a Brightpearl bundle can be connected to a simple product in BigCommerce by using the same SKU. The bundle availability from Brightpearl will be used to update the product in BigCommerce.

When an order for the item is downloaded, Brightpearl will use the bundle item and add on all the separate components.

Feature Supported?
Inventory sync Yes - complete bundles at a warehouse only
Price sync Yes
Order download Yes
Stock allocated to orders Shipment update Yes
BigCommerce Connect a Brightpearl bundle to a single product Yes shipment update made when order is marked as fully shipped in Brightpearl
Split shipment of components Not supported. BigCommerce limitation.
Tracking reference Simple product level
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