Brightpearl Release Notes - March 2018

This month’s release notes are centered on working with the big white elephant in the room - Amazon. Hot on the heels of our last set of platform enhancements, we’re excited to bring you three more new features designed to make your selling on Amazon that bit easier and quicker.

Not only that, but we’ve got two new enhancements to our Brightpearl Payments app too. Take a look below for all the details, and if you’ve haven’t taken up Brightpearl Payments yet, it’s free right now. Take a look before the offer ends!

Amazon | Increased pending orders creation control

There are times when you need to be able to control how far back your Brightpearl account searches for pending orders on Amazon. Currently Brightpearl does this automatically for seven days, however we know that sometimes you need to go back further or maybe not quite as far, so know you can - up to 10 days.


You’ll find this setting under Settings > Amazon.

Amazon | Seller Fulfilled Prime order indicator

Unless you’re using an app like Brightpearl Automation to fulfil your expedited orders automatically, we know that being able to quickly see when orders need prioritizing is hugely important to make sure they get your customers on time.

You can already choose a special order status for Amazon Prime orders, and now you can permanently flag them using a custom field.


Select your custom field on the Amazon channel settings. You can then use this field for filtering sales and even add it as a column.

Amazon | Support for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders

SFP orders can be easily identified using the order status or a custom field, allowing you to filter those orders out and process them first. But if you are using ShipStation, those orders will be prioritized in ShipStation and will only need to be marked as complete in Brightpearl which can even be done for you with Brightpearl Automation.

To start using ShipStation and Brightpearl to handle your SFP orders simply set your Seller Fulfilled Prime Order custom field (see above) and choose to skip the shipment notification to Amazon for those orders - ShipStation will handle that.


Brightpearl Payments | New Paypal Business integration and cross-order payment links

We released Brightpearl Payments as a successor to our individual payment gateway connectors following feedback from our customers, adding more features, and improving security. Brightpearl Payments embeds payment gateways directly into Brightpearl which reduces the need to leave the platform, speeds up order processing and reduces errors. Brightpearl Payments is also fully PCI compliant (PCI DSS level 1).

Following feedback from our customers that they would find a direct integration to Paypal Business useful, we have added this functionality to the Brightpearl Payments suite of payment gateways. Not only that, but Brightpearl Payments now also allows you to generate ‘click to pay’ links for quotes and invoices, as well as use within web portal.


We’re really proud to bring these features to you and would really value your feedback on them on the Brightpearl Community. Let us know what you think.

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