New features in POS

This is where you can read about all the features we've introduced in POS. We will be continuously updating this page with any new features added. You can also learn about all our new features in the release notes updates that we regularly email.

June 2019 | Price breaks

Price breaks per item row are now fully enabled. If your store’s default price list contains price breaks or the added customer’s price list does, the prices in your basket will be updated automatically depending on the row quantity.
Learn more at Discounts and price breaks application in POS.


June 2019 | Customer price lists and discounts

Adding a customer to the sale activates the options to use their price list and apply their profile discount as well as to revert to the store price list and remove the customer discount at any time. The customer’s price breaks are also fully enabled. Look out for the icons next to the customer’s name to see what’s in their profile - different price list, discount or both!
Find out more at Applying customer profile price lists and discounts.



June 2019 | Customer custom fields

The customer custom fields, as set up and populated in Brightpearl back office, are now displayed at the customer modal.

May 2019 | Advanced fulfilment

As part of the omnichannel and endless-aisle initiatives, Brightpearl POS now supports the ability to take orders that are to be fulfilled from warehouses external to the local store as well as mark items to be back-ordered.

  • Advanced Fulfilment modal with an option to deliver later and back order.
  • Inventory lookup to every warehouse selected for POS and automatic stock recalculation based on the selected fulfilment method.
  • Line’s quantity splitting into two lines in order to handle each new line with a different fulfilment method.
  • Selection of customer/address, shipping method, delivery date and shipping charges.
  • Fulfilment summary at checkout with the option to make its confirmation mandatory (confirmation with the customer).
  • Automatic stock allocation when items are fulfilled now or booked to be shipped later.
  • Automatic record of sales with delivery preferences back into Brightpearl.

Learn more about advanced fulfilment


May 2019 | Adyen now available for use with POS

Using Brightpearl Payments, it's now possible to integrate Adyen with Brightpearl POS.

See how you can set up Adyen in the back office here and how to set up your card reader here.

May 2019 | Location detail

The product's inventory tab now contains the warehouse location(s) for all connected warehouses.


December 2018 | iZettle now available for use with POS

Using Brightpearl Payments, it's now possible to integrate iZettle with Brightpearl POS.

Learn more

October 2018 | POS promotions and discount codes

You are now able to create offers in POS. This allows discounts and promotions to be created and automatically applied to sales when the conditions are met. For example, buy 2 and get $5 off.


Learn more about POS discount codes and promotions

September 2018 | Add products to POS stores by category

Brightpearl allows you to manage numerous product ranges under one or more business names. This means that some products will be sold in one POS store but not in another. Now you can choose which products will be added to each of your POS stores by selecting the relevant product categories. Find this new control in Brightpearl at Settings > Brightpearl POS > Store settings, edit the POS store and choose all the relevant categories under Active Products.


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